Hanging offence – investigating art curation


Investigating contemporary art curation the Hanging offence series has interviewed a number of gallerists, large and small, from around the globe.

Despite the broad democritisation of art curation enabled by digital media it has meant that published biographies and mission statements are amended, cleaned up, sanctified, audience-targetted, retailored and whitewashed.

As a result art curator history is in dangerous of losing the flavour of it’s transient nature. Hanging offence is an effort to capture curators on the rise and/or on the wane.

There is an honesty to saying ‘this is what we’re doing now, it may change, but for now this is us’ that we should applaud. Below are a list of curators and gallerist that had the balls the say ‘this is what is’

Hanging offence : Contemporary Art : Curator Profiles


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Image: Agrippa by Turner


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