Are all situations theatrical?

The Critical Targets in Contemporary Art

Whether avid creator, collector or curator Trebuchet charts the visceral edge of our time.


Trebuchet 15 Installation Art
Trebuchet 15 Installation Art


Creative news, sonic art, artists and galleries.

The Home and the Heart — Apart at Last

Theory meets anecdote in philosopher Emanuele Coccia’s new work....

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Exhibition City: London Gallery Weekend

London Gallery Weekend presents another celebration of culture and creativity in the UK's capital city....

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The Art Assembly Presents Tokyo Gendai 2024

A preview of Tokyo Gendai international art fair, showcasing curated presentations by internationally recognised contemporary art galleries....

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Art Against Oblivion

The weight of her country’s history and the ongoing phenomenon of enforced disappearances...

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Painting the Fourth Wall — Miranda Donovan at Woolff Gallery

Street art attitude and fine art aesthetics find harmony in Miranda Donovan's Genesis at Woolff Art....

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Constructing Light

Karolina Halatek: Liminal spaces for visiting the sublime...

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The Unbearable Reward of Art: LUAP

A preview of LUAP's €250,000 art prize...

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Cracking Aural Amnesia

The revolutionary potential of sound art...

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Destilacija [RMZ-24] Video Premiere

Destilacija RMZ-24 by Sz. Berlin ± Panic Premiere...

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Portrait of Matt Berninger #1 (2020) by Michael Carson.

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Trebuchet is a well put together, articulate, good looking art publication - I would recommend it.

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Installations as Theatre

Are all situations theatrical?...

Trebuchet 15: Installation Art / Out now

Trebuchet 15 Installation Art - Out now...

The Concrete Ethereal: Keiko Kimoto

A review of Keiko Kimoto at Impulse Gallery, Lucerne, 2024...

Colony Room Scenes: Peter Clark

Images from The Colony Room: Peter Clark...

However We Saw The Same Star: Kim Jungman

A review of Kim Jungman's However We Saw The Same Star (2023/24) at KBH.G,...

Hanging Offence: Jessica Phillimore

Jessica Phillimore, Founder & Director of Dellasposa Gallery speaks to...

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Apr 16 – Jun 22 Chronos - Maria Kreyn

Chronos – Maria Kreyn

St George’s Anglican Church, Venice Venice – 09:00 – 17:00

Kreyn’s fragile human connection with nature

Apr 20 – Nov 24 Long Way Down - Gail Olding

Long Way Down – Gail Olding

Gail Olding at Venice Biennale

May 3 – Jul 21 Bids For Survival - Michael Schindhelm

Bids For Survival – Michael Schindhelm

Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger / KBH.G, Basel Basel – 11:00 – 18:00

The possibilities of reversing the aging process

Aug 9 – Aug 25 Edinburgh Art Festival

Edinburgh Art Festival

Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh Edinburgh – 09:00 – 17:00

Infrastructures of care and pioneering activist movements

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