Much ado is made of language and its spread across the various species of animal life. Some simply presume there to be language amongst animals beyond the human.

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When Gonzo Met Farce

Conception unknown, The Buried Spitfires of Burma: A ‘Fake’ History is a tortured love child of Thompson’s Rum Diary and Poe’s "Gold Bug". ...

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The Healing Power of Painting

Abstract artist, Mona Lerch, shapes her paintings with her life experiences. She explores her emotions whilst working and embodies them into her artwork. ...

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Unknown Hemingway Story Published for First Time

"Pursuit As Happiness" will be included in a new edition of The Old Man and the Sea, which was originally written in 1951....

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Isolation Walks: A Visual Meditation

If we are ever to emerge from this dystopian vision with poise, we will have to be extra humble, strong and empathetic. ...

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Kraftwerk’s Home Computer Gets Video Makeover

The video incorporates elements previously used by Kraftwerk, including an animation of a computer, taken from the cover image of their classic 1981 album, Computer World....

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Ai Weiwei Creates 10,000 Masks in Aid of Coronavirus Charities

Humanitarian groups will receive income from the artist-activist's artful masks, some of which bear a defiant middle finger....

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Architecture and Aesthetic Errors

Modernist architecture, seen as art, falls into aesthetic error when it fails to address the nature of the lives encompassed by it....

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A Very Queer Communion

This charming and disarming homage to a unique figure provides a backbone to the kinds of invasive physical performance for which Ron Athey is best known....

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Kent Monkman Apologises for Controversial Justin Trudeau Painting

Following outcries against the work on social media, the Cree artist says that the image 'failed' in its message to address the victimisation of indigenous women....

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If the Lion Could Speak (…)

This essay argues that animals are not so minded as to have language. Whilst...

Looted Benin Art Treasures to Go Online

The project will unite pieces from the former kingdom of Benin that were spread...

Decoding Future Music from Germany: Interview with Uwe Schütte

Alexei Monroe speaks to the author of the latest book to explore the art of...

Growing an Identity

Dr. Heba El Aziz: Petri Portraits. Interview on Bio-art and the new...

Alienated Ambiguity

Hedley Roberts: Unknown faces, arch pleasures. An interview on the harsh light...

Tearing the mouth of language

Nieto: Linguistic chaos. An interview with the most perverse artist in history,...

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