Much ado is made of language and its spread across the various species of animal life. Some simply presume there to be language amongst animals beyond the human.

The Critical Targets in Contemporary Art

Whether avid creator, collector or curator Trebuchet charts the visceral edge of our time.



Creative news, sonic art, artists and galleries.

Benji Reid: Beyond This Space

The transcendent choreo-photolist work of Benji Reid...

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Receive & ReAct

David Hoyle, pioneer of the avant-garde, questions the reliability and authenticity of our leaders in a surreal moment of modern history....

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Benji Reid announced as cover artist for Trebuchet Eight

No gravity, upward visions. Manchester artist Benji Reid announced as cover artist for Trebuchet Eight: Contemporary Surrealism...

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The Golden Age of Spanish Modern Art

Colnaghi, London, present a survey of painting by Spanish artists of the late 19th and 20th centuries....

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Soho House Announce Inaugural Art Prize

The prize winner will receive the funds to realise and present a major solo showcase at Soho Beach House Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach 2020. ...

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Always-On, All-the-Time: COVID in the World of 24/7 News

Two decades into a fundamentally new media environment, we’re still discovering the impact of the Internet on the information we consume — COVID-19 exposes some of the damage done....

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Paintings Showing First Gay Kiss in UK Theatre Acquired for the Nation

Leonard Rosoman’s paintings of John Osborne's 1965 play A Patriot for Me shine light on a stage production that was an important chapter in LGBTQ+ history....

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British Art Show 9: List of Artists and New Dates

Hayward Gallery Touring announce the artists for British Art Show 9, now opening in Wolverhampton in March 2021 and touring to Aberdeen, Plymouth and Manchester....

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Petr Davydtchenko Eats Live Bat in Big Pharma Protest

According to a spokesman, the video shows the performance artist eating a bat that was procured from a cave in the south of France....

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Trebuchet is a well put together, articulate, good looking art publication - I would recommend it.

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Benji Reid announced as cover artist for Trebuchet Eight

No gravity, upward visions. Manchester artist Benji Reid announced as cover...

DYN: A Self-styled Rival to Surrealism’s Gaudy Dominance

Farewell to Surrealism - The Dyn Circle in Mexico traces the attempts of...

Bartholomew Beal (1989-2019)

Beal passed on Boxing Day 2019, aged 30. His legacy is an incredible body of...

Blaxploitation and Black Beauty: Mickalene Thomas – beautés du mois

This essay looks at the conception of black beauty in the 70s in terms of...

If the Lion Could Speak (…)

This essay argues that animals are not so minded as to have language. Whilst...

Looted Benin Art Treasures to Go Online

The project will unite pieces from the former kingdom of Benin that were spread...

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Jun 16 – Jul 8 Zoobs Ansari, I’m Too Sad to Tell You, 2015

Zoobs Ansari: Insanity Fair

Elephant West, London – 11:00 – 17:00

In Insanity Fair, artist Zoobs Ansari turns a dark mirror on our obsession with celebrity and asks if the reality of fame is a price worth paying.

Jun 27 – Aug 8 Andrew Litten

Andrew Litten: Concerning the Fragile

Anima Mundi, St Ives Cornwall – 11:00 – 16:00

Litten reflects the fragility of life with a succinct relevance to the recent world crisis, exploring complex states of our contemporary condition.

Aug 1 – Sep 11

Marking Out the Territory

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, London – 10:00 – 18:00

Rebecca Hossack gallery will reopen with an exhibition of prints by leading practitioners from both the western and indigenous traditions of Australian art.

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We hope that to this day Trebuchet conveys our belief that smart fun creates joy.

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