The problem is that the contemporary world is a layered proposition painted so thick it
mutes many of the artists’ messages. A challenge accepted…

The Critical Targets in Contemporary Art

Whether avid creator, collector or curator Trebuchet charts the visceral edge of our time.



Creative news, sonic art, artists and galleries.

Zakk Sabbath’s Super Tribute to Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath sounds like stale smoke, beer mould on a frayed carpet, hot vacuum tubes, factory oil and ball sweat. Why would Zakk Sabbath revisit this?...

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The Artsphere Launch Second Initiative ‘Art for Atzin’

Showcasing Mexican artists, the initiative aims to raise money and awareness for Atzin, a Mexican non-profit that assists rural people, particularly indigenous women....

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Lockdown Theatre Renaissance Lights Up Stephens House

An al fresco review of Renaissance, a new comedy by playwright Charles Ward starring James Corrigan, Bethan Cullinane, and Haydn Gwynne....

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Dominic Harris: Life as Art as Interaction

Digital artist Dominic Harris creates beautiful work that captures the viewer’s attention with precise detail and vibrant colour, but it is only as we move closer that they come to life. ...

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Feel Flows: Richard Stone & Lorena García Mateu

A review of joint contemporary art exhibition, A Splendour Amongst Shadows, at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London Bridge. ...

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Submissions Now Open for 16 Days 16 Films

Now in its third year, the initiative, which advocates to combat violence against women, will take place from 25 November – 10 December 2020....

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Privacy is The Ultimate Luxury According to Security Experts, Hunter Protection

Privacy is held as the ultimate luxury by Hunter Protection, a private protection provider to UHNW clients including international Royal families. Partner...

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Stuart Semple Wages War Against Inktober Creator With #Pinktober

The boycott event is in response to Jake Parker trademarking the term Inktober, and aims to give artists a platform to celebrate their creativity with no restrictions....

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Yayoi Kusama: The Graphic Novel

A sumptuous exploration of the artist's life, from humble roots in post-Hiroshima Japan, through 1960s pop art, to her status now as queen of Japan’s modern art scene...

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The Surrealist Practice of Twenty-First Century Populism

‘Surreal’ is a word that many increasingly reach for, a (hopelessly...

Decoding our futurist longings in the work of Tullio Crali

An exploration of the talent, impact and vision of futurist aeropainter Tullio...

Material Bodies Moving in Space

The fabric of being in the work of Daisy Collingridge. An interview with a...

The Massurreal Deconstruction of Prof. Nadia Wahdan

Interview with multimedia artist Prof. Nadia Wahdan. ...

Lovecraft, AI, and the Limits of Human Imagination

The question highlights the field of discourse for how humans work with...

Screen Grabs and Future Constructs in the Work of Ian Francis

Prismatic Reality Distortions: An intervirew with Painter Ian Francis. ...

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Woolff Gallery, London – All Day

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Sep 17 – Oct 31

Markus Åkesson – Strange Days

Galerie Da-End, Paris Paris – 16:00

New Paris Exhibition of the Neo-realist painter Markus Åkesson

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