Light is how we see and interpret the world; it’s how we understand space, time, physicality, and our own bodily experience…

The Critical Targets in Contemporary Art

Whether avid creator, collector or curator Trebuchet charts the visceral edge of our time.


Gail Olding, Pulse, 2017
Gail Olding, Pulse, 2017
Siah Armajani, City Center no. 1, 1997
Siah Armajani, City Center no. 1, 1997


Creative news, sonic art, artists and galleries.

Wabi-sabi: The Beauty of Imperfection at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery

It’s not easy to exhibit nine artists in one space and create a genuine sense of cohesion, but Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery’s latest group show Wabi-Sabi achieves exactly that...

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A Year of Georg Baselitz Exhibitions

The work and career of German artist Georg Baselitz will be celebrated through a series of solo exhibitions in New York, Venice and Paris...

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Concrete Art 2: Number As Material

Euclid defines line as ‘breadthless length’. The Skills You Need educational website, under the heading of ‘geometry’, defines ‘point’, ‘line’, ‘plane’, and ‘solid’...

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Slithering Through Self-Discovery with Leon Vynehall

A herpetological review of the Leon Vynehall's 2021 Ninja Tune Release 'Rare, Forever' ...

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Henry Taylor at Hauser & Wirth, Somerset

A review of American artist Henry Taylor's solo exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, Somerset...

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Ryoji Ikeda Exhibition to Open at 180 Studios, London

The pioneering Japanese artist and electronic musician's solo exhibition will expand over multiple floors of the vast exhibition space, immersing viewers in sound and light...

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Concrete Art 1: Colour As Material

The distinction between primary and secondary qualities, as provided by John Locke, tells us that secondary qualities are accessible only to one mode of perception...

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Trebuchet Podcast 14 – Surrealism with Benji Reid

Benji Reid considers himself a Choreo-Photolist; a term he coined to encapsulate his unique practice where theatricality, choreography and photography meet in the image. His breathtaking photographs,...

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White Cube Presents Julie Curtiss’ First London Exhibition

Parisian artist Julie Curtiss' debut London exhibition will feature a bold collection of new paintings, works on paper and sculptures...

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Concrete Art 1: Colour As Material

The distinction between primary and secondary qualities, as provided by John...

Cultured and Combined: Gilbert & George on Identity

Individuals have multiple identities and not all of them are self-ascribed;...

Reflections, Refractions and Perspectives through Dylan Martinez

Whether through the physiology of sight or the psychology of the mind, I use...

Evanescent Imagery: Precarity and persistence in Gerhard Richter’s paintings

Paint, or a rudimentary version of it, was landed upon tens of thousands of...

Blood Tracks Through Art: Hermann Nitsch

As an artistic material blood has long been considered too powerful for use, as...

Drawing With Dust: History, Time and Place in Tacita Dean’s Chalk Drawings

Those old enough will recall the spine-tingling screech of chalk across...

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Apr 15 – May 22 Country Western - Sam McKinniss

Country Western – Sam McKinniss

Almin Rech, London – 00:00

I thought I would populate the gallery with paintings drawn from the starry world of popular country music, the style befitting or derived from the rural American vernacular – Sam McKinniss

May 13 – Jul 30 green light - Ena Swansea

green light – Ena Swansea

Ben Brown Fine Arts, London London – 00:00

The repeating motifs almost seem to function as frames of a film that cannot be made.

May 20 Lighting Up 2021

Lighting Up 2021

King’s College London, London – 16:00 – 17:30

A public debate about the shared language of light

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