Trebuchet speaks to British painter
Tahnee Lonsdale about her current solo
exhibition at Cob Gallery in London.

The Critical Targets in Contemporary Art

Whether avid creator, collector or curator Trebuchet charts the visceral edge of our time.


Gail Olding, Pulse, 2017
Gail Olding, Pulse, 2017
Siah Armajani, City Center no. 1, 1997
Siah Armajani, City Center no. 1, 1997


Creative news, sonic art, artists and galleries.

Unstructured, different, wild: Art collecting Martin Nielsen

An interview with maverick art collector Martin Nielsen...

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Barbara Kruger’s “Anti-Retrospective” at Art Institute of Chicago

Opening in September, the delayed solo exhibition will be the largest and most comprehensive presentation of Kruger's work in twenty years....

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Grove Collective Launches Solo Exhibition by Manuela Karin Knaut

A collection of the German artist's abstract paintings will be available to view online until 16 August...

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Rebellious Joy: Huntley Muir

Interview with creative duo Huntley Muir on the setting of comment in multimedia work. ...

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Sarah Jones: The Photographic Night

London-based artist Sarah Jones speaks to Millie Walton about Jean Cocteau, her creative process and the materiality of black...

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Revolving Around Art: Claus Busch Risvig

Interview with Danish Art Collector Claus Busch Risvig...

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The Small Infinite

The gallery as a material is a place-holder and steward of sense, constantly exchanging the outside and the inside....

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Whipping Water: Anne Imhof vs. Hate for Hate’s Sake

Adam Heardman investigates Anne Imhof’s imagery led dialogues for CIRCA....

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Portraits of the World: Bruce Atherton

Painter Bruce Atherton on style, presence and portraiture. ...

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Portrait of Matt Berninger #1 (2020) by Michael Carson.

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Long reads, key features and in depth interviews.

Directing Enter Art Fair

Trebuchet interviews Enter Art director Julie Alf about the inspiration behind...

Bridget Riley: Past into Present

A solo show of new works by the famed British painter opens at David Zwirner's...

Tahnee Lonsdale: Painting Vulnerability

Millie Walton speaks to British painter Tahnee Lonsdale about her current solo...

Concrete Art 2: Number As Material

Euclid defines line as ‘breadthless length’. The Skills You Need...

Concrete Art 1: Colour As Material

The distinction between primary and secondary qualities, as provided by John...

Cultured and Combined: Gilbert & George on Identity

Individuals have multiple identities and not all of them are self-ascribed;...

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Art events

Exhibitions, installations, talks, walks and more...

May 13 – Jul 30 green light - Ena Swansea

green light – Ena Swansea

Ben Brown Fine Arts, London London – 00:00

The repeating motifs almost seem to function as frames of a film that cannot be made.

May 23 – Sep 19 Paradise Edict - Michael Armitage

Paradise Edict – Michael Armitage

Royal Academy, Piccadilly London – 00:00

Colourful, dreamlike paintings loaded with provocative perspectives that play with visual narratives and challenge cultural assumptions.

Jun 10 – Jul 24 Misfits - Nairy Baghramian

Misfits – Nairy Baghramian

Marian Goodman Gallery – Paris, Paris Paris – 00:00

A rigorous formal and conceptual report on the relationship between architecture, object and the human body

Jun 11 – Oct 10 Aspen Drift - Cerith Wyn Evans

Aspen Drift – Cerith Wyn Evans

Aspen Art Museum, Aspen – 00:00

Rare exhibition of Cerith Wyn Evan’s work in the US featuring sculpture, installation, painting, and works on paper.

Aug 26 – Aug 29 Enter Art Fair

Enter Art Fair

Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen – 00:00

Enter Art Fair is an ambitious contemporary art fair for the art-loving visitor as well as the high-end collector and institution.

Many of our staff come from commercial media or regimented academic backgrounds, the thrill then is to write from a place that is neither beholden to financial interests nor academic process but has the impact and appeal of the former and the insight of the latter.

We hope that to this day Trebuchet conveys our belief that smart fun creates joy.

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