Gail Olding

Gail Olding

British Artist Gail Olding born in London, studied for her BA (Hons) at The London College of Printing in Photography in the late 80’s and during the 90’s went on to study at The University of Westminster and Central St Martins to complete two MA’s in Photography and in Fine Art.

Olding studied painting with the Painter Hermann Nitsch in Austria, whom she also assisted. She has worked with and assisted the late Photographer Fay Godwin. She was nominated for Becks Futures in 2003 and won the Eastern Arts Award in 1999.

Gail is currently a guest student/associate at The Kunst Academy Dusseldorf studying with Georg Herold and Richard Deacon. She also works as a lecturer and lives and works in London.

Gail has exhibited and had work published nationally and internationally. Olding is currently represented by Thompsons Gallery (Marylebone) and Avison Gallery (Highgate) and has been asked to show with the European Cultural Centre at Venice Biennale 2024.

Wall Sculpture #8

120cm x 100cm MDF board, acrylic paint and mat lacquer.

“I made the piece at my studio which is on a farm, during lockdown in May 2020. It was inspired by reading the gospel of Mary Magdalene and happening upon the Vesica Piscis; the point at which two equal circles overlap. This is known in the scientific community as the womb of the universe. It is where all mathematics and geometry are born from. It is the birthplace of creation, making it the centre of the universe.

The sacred feminine is explored, highlighted and celebrated within this work. Its success lies in its inherent ancient symbolism, which creates a point to ponder the boundless, the limitless and even the possibility of magic. Circles represent god in sacred geometry, no beginning and no end. Things move in circles as cycles. Planets, suns, life, etc. It is important to me because it contains a certain spirituality, a realisation of the boundless. It is both peaceful and sexy. Simple and complex.”

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Gail Olding Exhibitions

Modern Ground Gallery London Art Fair – January 2019
Dellasposa London  February – April 2019 – Women Artists
Dellasposa London October 2018 – January 2018 – Group show
Espacio gallery 4th – 16th September 2018
Espacio Gallery – October 3 – 15 Edge of Ordinary 6 2017
St Mary Magdalene Church – June 17 – July 25 2017
Dellasposa Gallery May 10 – 30 2017 Ars Moriendi
Hammersmith and Fulham Town Hall 8th – 15th May 2016 Game Of Chance
Espacio Gallery 30th August – 11th September 2016
Hammersmith and Fulham Town Hall April 2nd – 30th 2016
Espacio Gallery November 2nd – 15th 2015 Edge Of Ordinary IV
Espacio Gallery April 28th – May 17th 2015 Edge Of Ordinary III
Espacio Gallery April 14th – 19th 2015 The Portrait show
The Atrium Hammersmith & Fulham Town Hall February 15th – March 15th 2015
POSK Gallery February 1st – 13th 2015
Polish Social and Cultural Association Ltd London September 13th -26th 2014 Receiver group show
Espacio Gallery London May 1st – 13th 2014 Edge Of Ordinary
Espacio Gallery London April 3rd – 8th 2014
Museum of St Albans Hertfordshire September 2013: HFF
The Pullman Hotel St Pancras September 2013 LOOKER group show
Espacio Gallery London May 2013: Expose group show
Espacio Gallery London March 2013 Reveal group show
St Albans City Museum 2011 group show
Hannah Peschar sculpture park 2010- 2012 group show
8 Portsea Mews London Sept 2009 All Day Afternoon solo show
Whitechapel Gallery London May 2009 video screening group show
Georges house Gallery Folkestone May 2009 The Adventure solo show
Subway Gallery London Feburary 2009 solo show
Gloucester Hospital September 2008 group show
Millfield/ Aitkinson Gallery July 2007 Summer Show group show
Nolias Gallery London SW1 March 2007 New Works solo show
The Beckett London SW6 Nov 2006 Section group show
The Residence London E2 June 2006 Sizzle group show
Royal college of Art London October 2005 Artaid (crusaid) group show
Oxford house London E2 June 2004 J.C. group show
Manchester Urbis Museum May 2004 Microcity permanent exhibition
Aubrey Walk London NW5 May 2003 Torpus group show
The ICA London W1 April 2002 Silence group show
The Wellcome Trust London NW1 June 2002 Spill commission
The Foundry London E1 May 2002 Separation Solo show
The Foundry London E1 August 2001 Double Take solo show
Vertigo Gallery London E1 February 2001 One Week Wonder group show
Dulwich Hospital London January 2001 Post Human collaborative show
City Space pop up show London Oct 2000 Slide group show
The Trade Apartment London August 2000 RDK group show
40 Trinder Road London N19 June 2000 Living Room collaborative show
Banner Street Space London EC1 May 2000 Slide collaborative show
64 Hainault Road London Feb 2000 Iota joint show
City space pop up show London EC1 Oct 1999 London Paris Brussels solo show
The Crypt St Martins in The Field London W1 Feb 1998 Cryptonite group show
Candid Gallery London N1 Sept 1997 Vision solo show

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