Gillian Carnegie Prince 2011–12 © Gillian Carnegie courtesy the artist and Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne

Painting Now : Tate Britain

“The state of painting now” is a tired topic. The premise – that painting has lost its lure because of new media, which in their very newness enable their users to conquer new territory in the name of art – is a familiar concept in the art world. (read more)

Josef Fischnaller: Prächtig

[13.05.19] Cadogan Contemporary present Prächtig an exhibition of new works by the Austrian artist Josef Fischnaller. Fischnaller’s artfully constructed photographs are inspired by the compositional styles of Old Master and Renaissance painters; to these, he (read more)

Mythologia Libre

[03.05.19] Carlito Dalceggio presents a month-long multimedia experience, Mythologia Libre. Taking place on Canal Street, New York, the public installation will introduce to Manhattan a portal leading to a realm free of contemporary reference — (read more)