Trebuchet x Creative Communities

Trebuchet is committed to supporting local artistic communities around the world. In 2020 we have partnered with Brent Council (2020 UK Borough of Culture) and Digswell Arts Trust to support local artistic communities.

Using our international platform in print and online we work to support a variety of local and indigenous voices.


Brent 2020 is described as “a new way of celebrating a borough and its people – a cultural journey that dives deep into who we are, where we’re from and what our futures hold.”

Trebuchet has participated in a number of local activities and has offered support and recognition to local artists via help with advice on reaching a wider audience and presenting their work despite lockdown.

Brent Art Galleries
Willesden Art Gallery (Willesden)
Wilder Gallery (Kensal Rise)
West London Art Factory (Park Royal)
JG Contemporary (Acton)
Worldly Wicked & Wise Gallery & Frame Shop (Queens Park)


The Digswell Arts Trust is an forward looking charity that has focused on artists in the early phase of their careers for over sixty years. With studios in Letchworth and Welwyn, they provide studios for approximately forty emerging artists, whom they call Fellows.

More than just a studio provider; The arts trust works to give artists space to explore and develop. The first years of an artist’s career is a challenging time when attempting to make a living from their art often seems insurmountable. As a Board Trustee, Trebuchet founder Kailas Elmer has been offering advice on how to develop the commercial aspect of artistic practice through digital communications, artist statements, and press relations.

Creative Communities

Cultural Messengers: Midnight Oil Keep Burning

Moods stretch from the wilderness reverie of ‘Tarkine’ and the poignant ‘Lost At Sea’ to the anthemic protest celebration

People, History, Paint: The Rise of Gisela McDaniel Pt 2

An interview with diasporic, indigenous, Chamorro artist Gisela McDaniel on what narrative means. Part 2

People, History, Paint: The Rise of Gisela McDaniel Pt 1

An interview with diasporic, indigenous, Chamorro artist Gisela McDaniel on what narrative means. Part 1

Dreaming in Northern Cheyenne: Jordan Ann Craig

Jordan Ann Craig’s exhibition reworks Northern Cheyenne quill and bead patterns, positioning them to explore space, time, our environment, and cultural memories

Creativity Takes Courage: Eugene Ankomah

Interview with multidisciplinary artist Eugene Ankomah on creativity, truth and having a roving inspiration. 

Black, Indigenous, and Loud

Powerful and political Maori and Cherokee experimental group Divide and Dissolve provides a soundtrack for collective resistance.

Wardruna – Norwegian Contemporary Folk Art

“Kvitravn” is a song that explores traditions of animal-guides and the symbolism and legends of sacred white animals

Stuart Semple Wages War Against Inktober Creator With #Pinktober

The boycott event is in response to Jake Parker trademarking the term Inktober, and aims to give artists a platform to celebrate their creativity with no restrictions.

Surviving Lockdown: On Community and Inclusivity

Part five of Surviving Lockdown talks creating strong community groups to help rebuild society post-pandemic, with anti-racism as an intrinsic part of a new future.

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