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Hanging Offence : Giulia Demichelis

‘I often see hesitation in trusting the professionalism of the art business.’ Independent curator Giulia Demichelis answers Trebuchet’s questions

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]L[/dropcap]ondon gathers and draws to it those who choose to dream and excel.

If in truth the streets are more often paved with fried chicken than gold, nevertheless, an epicentre it remains, A picture of Giuliaa centripetal singularity for those whose ambitions involve the world, not simply part of it.

Currently in the spasms of its status as the primary node of contemporary art bar none, journeyman artists, designers, creators and curators know that a sojourn in the capital is a de riguer stage in their journey to recognition. Independent curator and graphic designer Giulia Demichelis is one of them.

Trebuchet puts some questions to her.

What first drew you to art?
My family owns two art galleries in Italy and contemporary art is always been my passion. I have grown up into an art collector’s world and consequently I am very sensible to any form of art.

How did your gallery start?
At present, I collaborate with different galleries in London, mostly promoting and introducing emerging Italian artists in the British scene.

How did your involvement begin?A picture from Vibe Place
I have always had a passion for contemporary art. I used to go to art fairs and exhibitions with my parents, since my very first years. I started collaborating as art director in my own Italian art galleries. I have been managing their brand image since we opened the first space 10 years ago.

Then I moved to London and it has been a great achievement for me to being able to manage my own art events here.

What is the vision for this gallery?
I mostly concentrate on promoting emerging contemporary artists and I always make sure that all of my exhibitions are not just art shows but.. [read more] “cool events to go to”. Not only art collectors should go to art events.

Which artists typify the vision you have for your gallery?
During the past year I have been collaborating with Daniele Afferni. He’s an established Italian artist at his second collective exhibition in London

His works have a strong character. They engage me. They are different.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Being trusted.

I find it’s sometimes difficult being an independent art curator, in terms of earning the trust of artists and eventual collaborators. I often see hesitation in trusting the professionalism of the art business.

What’s been your biggest success?
Having people that trust and understand the professionalism of my business.

A picture of vibe gallery

Who are your five favourite artists and which pieces of theirs do you admire?
1. Rothko, 2. Rothko, 3. Rothko, 4. Rothko, 5. Rothko

What does the future hold?
I am planning to open my own gallery’s London branch soon.

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