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Trebuchet is a well put together, articulate, good looking art publication - I would recommend it. - Gavin Turk

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Trebuchet was born through a desire to provide a platform for contemporary art criticism. Many of our staff come from commercial media backgrounds or regimented academic backgrounds, the thrill then is to write from a place that is neither beholden to financial interests nor academic process but has the impact and appeal of the former and the insight of the latter. We hope that to this day Trebuchet conveys our belief that smart fun creates joy.

Seeing, feeling and writing beyond the press release. Beyond the established consensus. Every piece of art now comes with a meta-narrative, written by the artist, or by the artist’s PR agency. Suggestion is a powerful tool, and it takes a strong-willed critic to visit an exhibition and take the time to form their own judgement. Something as amorphous and subjective as an opinion on visual art is very easily manipulated, especially in a context where the viewer can feel intimidated into following a consensus. Everyone else thinks it’s wonderful, I think it’s dross. What’s wrong with me?

It’s important to have art critics who are strong-willed enough to trust in their own experience, knowledge, and instinct. It also helps that many of Trebuchet’s art critics are established artists themselves, and know how to recognise a polished turd. 

Trebuchet aims forward, increasing the range of Art. 

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Luciana Martinez de la Rosa, Pru Pru, 1981. Photo: Maria Anastassiou

Print staff

  • Publisher & Founder: Kailas Elmer
  • Art Editor: Judy Cill
  • Editor: Sean Keenan
  • Sub-Editor: Andrew Lindesay
  • Print Editor: Danny Divina
  • Distribution: Intermedia, MMS
  • Printers: Zenith

Digital Staff

  • Managing Editor: Kailas Elmer
  • Online Editors: Ruth O’Sullivan
  • Production: Megan Grace-Hughes
  • Social Media: J Pearson

Trebuchet Editors

A mixture of expertise, experience and desire Trebuchet editors come from a mixture of commercial and academic backgrounds answering the question, what else is going on? 

Kailas Elmer 


Sean Keenan

Academic Editor

Mark Halliwell 

Art Director

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