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Building an Art Collection

Recently Trebuchet started a discussion about how artists could reach a broader audience and how we might help facilitate building a network of fledgling art collectors. What if we could encourage our subscribers to start collecting by helping them dip a toe in the water and  experience art appreciation as an owner? We could send regular updates on featured artists, shows, new work, key sales and more — as well as demystifying art collection and helping emerging artists and up-and-coming galleries. 

So we’re looking to work with artists to produce an exclusive Subscriber Print Collection that creates a network of artists and collectors through Trebuchet.

The network is built by giving subscribers a limited edition print (Chosen via the store) with every subscription and then sending them updates via the following artists pages, newsletters and follow up articles.

Through updates on shows, key sales, museum acquisitions, talks and studio visits by featured artists subscribers can get a feel for how art collections are built, appreciates and provides an engaged and open way into exhibitions and the wider world of contemporary art.

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Featured Artists

Mark Batty

Michael Carson

James Johnston

Russell MacEwan

Chantal Meza

Gail Olding

Peter Van Dyck

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