Claudio Parentela

The rigidity of conventional responses to sexual imagery takes a beating in Parentela’s collages – their brutal exposition of the flawed humanity beneath and beyond the adland exterior is made obvious by crude overlays of cartoonish meta-commentary, or by cut-and-pasted features. (read more)


[Listen] The Zolas

It’s feeling like Canada week at Trebuchet, what with Stuart Gadd’s missive from the great wild north at Festival de Musiques Emergentes in Quebec, and Mode Moderne announcing their UK dates yesterday, feels like we might as well chase this snowy little vibe wherever it leads…. (read more)


DJ Stingray: Psyops for Dummies EP

‘The Sadist’ is edgy from the outset and a great scene-setter. Constantly intensifying cold textures coil around an atmospheric voice sample, discreetly hinting at various dark scenarios. As it progresses it subtly creates a growing and unresolved sense of controlled panic and hysteria that’s never fully released. (read more)

Emma Sywyj

Emma Sywyj: China [Photography]

Sywyj’s China series is as colourful and eclectic as one would expect of the location, but dispenses with the more obvious depictions of new-urban environments, ancient aesthetics and displaced populations. Instead, she finds an intriguing balance between them all in an affectionate portrait of modern China: (read more)


2:54 Cover Adamski/Seal

When ZTT bit the dust, Seal went from being an edgy urban electronica act to something more akin to a one-man Lighthouse Family. That said, 2:54 have channeled the bleak and sterile undertones of ‘Killer’ into their version of the song, despite no known access to Heidi Klum or taupe chinos. Gods be praised. (read more)