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Nils Frahm Releases Video of ‘More’

Loo brushes ahoy! Nils Frahm and Erased Tapes records release live video of Frahm at the keyboard.

A picture of Nils Frahm

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]F[/dropcap]rahm Comes Alive.

For no better reason than the gratuitous boggling of minds, Trebuchet asks you for just under sixteen minutes of your time.

In advance of tomorrow’s release of the live album Spaces (which is already sitting atop a certain editor’s Albums of the Year list), Nils Frahm offers this little snippet of live performance in case there were any latecomers unaware of the guy’s immersive lucidity at the keyboard.

Dismiss the showboating with the toilet brushes if you like, there is the hint of gimcrackery there, no doubt. But the delay work on Rhodes at seven minutes in cements Frahm’s heavyweight reputation in contemporary music.

Spaces comes out on Erased Tapes tomorrow, an album of live performances given the spin of improvisation. Renewed and reworked, each sufficiently different from their original recording to demand your attention.

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