Redrails [Album]

Challenging, Redrails most certainly is. Rewarding, in equal measure. Intriguing, and destined to be the source of many hours spent, headphones on, grasping to find the mental setting in which it all suddenly becomes plausible, lucid, and just a touch less alien. Seek it out. (read more)


Listener [Live]

Performing a set covering both old and newer material, Listener create an electric, vacuous atmosphere of mystification and strike the crowd near-dumb. The usual glazed, blank looks at the back of the room are replaced with attentive ones, and the unanimous claps and cheers between songs compared to the still attentiveness interspersed with muttering along during completely displace this audience from any other of the weekend. (read more)


Loitered Lens: Taragano Theatre

Carl Byron Batson captures the passion of Taragano Theatre’s ​Chrysalis.
They played together with the combination of the deep, soulful tones of the cello and the higher pitched breathy sound of the flute giving the piece an earthy, folk quality, perhaps even pagan like, fitting in perfectly with the mating and fertility theme. (read more)


King Krule/Rinse

King Krule -the primary creative vessel for 17-year-old south east London-based singer/producer/songwriter Archy Marshall- is readying its latest release, a double A-side single featuring two stunning new tracks, ‘Rock Bottom’ and ‘Octopus’. (read more)


A Progress [Theatre]

Carl Heap’s style has always invited some form of audience involvement, In the past, this has extended to the gentle conscription of audience members for selected moments and scenes – helping to explain football formations in World Cup Final 1966 or, in A Progress, making a journey happen. (read more)


Swans: The Seer

The Seer may well be a grower and may accumulate more power with time, but I find it striking that after listening to it the Swans songs I hear in my head are mostly those from much earlier. Time will tell if this changes… although whether I or others are going to invest sufficient time to fully absorb this sprawling, unfinished work remains to be seen. (read more)


Matmos: Meltdown 2012

Rather than understanding Matmos as a quirky part of the nineties electronica wave, maybe we should actually be interpreting them as a continuation of a much older tradition of musical comedy, albeit achieved with some very high-tech methods. (read more)


30 shades of WOMAD

Despite the ‘small is beautiful’ ethical basis of the festival where buying a branded plastic bottle contributes to a distant solution, offering an option to feel good without getting personally involved, few artists challenge the audience to stop bullshitting themselves and confront the issues that comfort zones have concreted over. (read more)

The overcoat

The Overcoat : Pleasance Theatre

The Overcoat is a Finnish Play, at the Pleasance Theatre in London, produced by the Scottish theatre company ACE. It was performed at Edinburgh Festival last year and is part of a project to bring Finnish productions to the UK. This story is a reinterpretation of Nikolai Gogol’s short story of the same name. (read more)

Computers Sing a Beautiful tune

Computers sing to a better tune

Now, Akio Watanabe and Hitoshi Iba have turned to evolution to help them devise a novel algorithm that compares the frequency curves from real human performances and uses them to home in on a more realistic curve to apply to the synthetic song. The team has simplified the optimization process for creating vocal frequency curves and have developed a frequency model that can emulate human expression in a synthetic vocal. (read more)