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Domino Records Launches Pop-Up Radio This Week!

As you know this week is Domino Radio Week – broadcasting started this morning on You can hear us on the airwaves at 87.7fm and online at and for regular updates follow us...

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Sublime Simplicity: Miroslav Tichy & Shimabuku

Miroslav Tichy & Shimabuku at the Wilkinson Gallery strips the world bare and celebrates the uncomplicated and beautiful. Another month, another First Thursday. Galleries on the surprisingly...

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Trappings, Friezes and Being Female.

Kleio Gizeli, Lisa Holden, Martha Parsey, Carol Robertson, Susan Gunn, Rana Begum. Crossroads, Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill, March 2011 – June 2011. UK Female Artists...

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How do I look: Robert Mapplethorpe?

Glossy photographs in glossy frames create the perfect environment for glossy fashionistas in Alison Jaques gallery. ‘Curated by Scissor Sisters’. Need the gay fashion pack know more?...

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Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. One

Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. One...

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Forget the Art World in the Oubliette Art House

Art house squatters the Oubliette transform a Soho ex-nightclub into an emporium of delights. The Oubliette is a curious initiative. When I first encountered it two years ago it was in an old embassy...

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Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful XXVII and Gyunel Rustamova in Cork Street galleries, Dry the River and Clare Maguire at The Social. 14th December One small step for artists but a giant leap for free arts...

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Minor Yetis to Major Cranes

Minor Yetis to Major Cranes. Looking for art in London’s late night galleries....

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