And Phil Kept Falling

Berkeley in the early fifties was a hotbed of radical thought and a young Phil stumbled through it with an impish sense of humour alienating Marxists, Trotskyites and ‘free thinkers’ alike with his radical and often whimsical opinions. (read more)


Scorpionics in Action

we will construct a personalised HATE CHART for you, which will be based on your answers to our searching questionnaire. From this soul map you will quickly discover the TRAITOR inside who insists on being ‘liked’ or even ‘loved’. (read more)


James Herbert: Ash [Audiobook]

Suddenly, what should have been a relaxing holiday in an area of stark natural beauty became a torturous experience, as if we were trapped in an overlong horror novel with too much description and overly delayed climaxes. (read more)