Beware of Mr Baker

SEE Ginger whipping up an afro storm with Fela Ransom Kuti in Lagos. SEE highlights from both of Cream’s memorable Albert Hall performances. SEE Ginger, stoned out of his mind, falling off his drums on a live German TV show. (read more)


Headphone Def Culture

The tobacco industry was, for many years, adept at concealing the health dangers of smoking. There may well be detailed research on the long term effects of self-determined, persistent, decibel abuse, but I am not aware of anyone making a fuss about it. (read more)


The Man With the Neutron Gun

‘If you want to pull off this kind of high-wire surrealist polemic, you need to write with confidence and daring. Even if your daily existence off the page is fractured by neurotic behaviour patterns.’ SWP muses on Gerry Reith’s Neutron Gun (read more)


Big Boys Gone Bananas* [Film]

Back in 2009 director Frederik Gertten was scheduled to premiere his latest film at the LA Film Festival. Called simply Bananas, it dealt with alleged abuses suffered by Nicaraguan workers who worked for the Dole Food Company, an international corporation and the world’s biggest producer of fruit.
The rest of the film deals with Fred’s doggedly phlegmatic attempt to clear his name, while gathering an unlikely bunch of supporters including a charmingly scruffy nerd/blogger, a burger chain and the entire Swedish Parliament. (read more)


King Mob: Interview

Side effects of the full King Mob experience may include: drowsiness, delirium, radio poisoning, severe hair growth, waxy pallor, vitriol spray, flushing, unexpected time manipulation and space breath. (read more)


Rare Grooves: The Dropa Discs

‘The stone disks you have mentioned do not exist; but, being extraneous objects in this museum, they were relocated.’
The discovery of a mass grave containing dwarfish skeletons with abnormally large skulls in the Bayan Kara Ula Mountains close to the Chinese Tibetan border was not exactly headline news in the January of 1938. (read more)


The Economy of Violence

The fact that Hollywood often releases certain types of movies ‘en glut’ has led to conspiracy theories that it is manipulated by our old friend ‘dark forces’, but the truth is that this hermetic industry has always had a copycat nature. It’s just that things have sped up in tinseltown. Scripts are pirated so swiftly now that if there is one Snow White movie on the way there will soon be another hot on its heels. (read more)


London: The Modern Babylon [Film]

Temple’s film is aimed at middle-aged armchair warriors, like himself, and clumsily manipulates the moving image to reinforce left wing stereotypes. Churchill was BAD. Thatcher was BAD. Ken Livingstone (the most self serving politician of his generation) was GOOD. The crippling strikes of the seventies were NOT created by greedy Trade Unions or arrogant Labour Ministers. (read more)


Making a Cult of Yourself: Hubbard Vs Crowley [Conclusion]

The last years of Hubbard’s life saw him deposed as leader and reduced to a figurehead in a de facto coup, led by young scientologists who had actually been born into the cult. Their argument being that even though Ron was a genius he could never actually be a ‘true’ scientologist as he hadn’t been subject to Church training until after adulthood. (read more)


Fringe, It’s Quatertastic!

Insectoid Martian colonizers buried for millions of years under an East End tube station, hauntings by ghosts of extra-terrestrials, biological food vats that turn out to be alien life forms attempting to re-terraform the planet, showers of small meteors filled with mind altering substances, and silent uniformed men in black helmets guarding the chemical plant at the Newtown on Winnerton flats. (read more)


Hubbardites Vs Crowleyites Pt 3

If the current management of the Church of Scientology were not so keen to airbrush all aspects of its founder’s life and work we would have a much clearer idea of his motives for infiltrating himself so deeply into the world of the occult. After all why shouldn’t a man, who was on the verge of creating, ‘‘both the means and the tech to save mankind’’ seek to discover the depth and heights to which the human condition aspires? And where better to find these extremities than in the intense psychodrama of ritual magic? (read more)

hubbard (copyright unknown)

Hubbardites vs Crowleyites pt 2

Jack and Ron moved into territory well beyond any official OTO rituals documented at that time. Elementals were invoked then banished, Aethyrs were called, complicated texts were recited from memory, there were windstorms, knocking sounds in the night, ritual masturbations and towards the end a buzzing, metallic voice crying out ‘‘let me go free’’.
(read more)

Crowley Toby mug

Hubbardites Vs Crowleyites

a curious flower on the English cultural landscape; the Golden Dawn Society. Its celebrity members included William Butler Yeats, Bram Stoker, Algernon Blackwood, Sax Rohmer, Allan Bennet and the notorious Aleister Crowley. (read more)


PAFT Relief

The Designer Cosa Nostra have now decreed that their collections must fully express the zeitgeist by embracing art, philosophy, cinema, music and God-knows-what-else.

You may think that these ‘ideas’ were simply scribbled on the back of an oestrogen pill packet over some expensive wine-soaked lunch a week before the show. Not so. The seasonal fashion calendar is a demanding bitch and, to her, foresight is everything. (read more)


The Dark Knight Deflates

SPOILER WARNING: this review contains essential plot details of the film but it may save you from wasting three hours in air-conditioned semi-darkness. Ever since Frank Miller created the template for an ageing, wounded and (read more)


The Return of the Return of Fu Man Chu

‘Yellow peril gets nearer’ is a newspaper headline I remember from my distant youth. In those politically incorrect days it may have referred to a new strain of Asian Flu or a Chinese incursion into some other country’s sovereign territory, but in my mind it meant that Doctor Fu Manchu was at it again; weaving his arcane villainy through a network of deadly thugs and assassins known as the Si Fan, probably utilising snakes, poisonous insects and death rays created by kidnapped scientists. (read more)


Lost Gardens, Lost Pleasures

The new London Pleasure Gardens erected on a wasteland site in Docklands promised much for its ‘Grand’ opening weekend at the end of a rainy June. As it turned out not much was delivered, but at least it was free of charge, or so I thought. (read more)

No Picture

Crazy Golf at Selfridges

As a veteran crazy golfer I approached the Selfridges course with low expectations. How could a ‘pop up’ on a department store roof offer the nightmare experience provided by an enormous day-glo basement in downtown (read more)


King Mob Rock Cruise

When my band King Mob was invited to play on a ‘rock cruise’ I had no idea what to expect. We were collected from Stockholm airport at 4pm local time and bussed to the White (read more)