The Dark Knight Deflates

SPOILER WARNING: this review contains essential plot details of the film but it may save you from wasting three hours in air-conditioned semi-darkness. Ever since Frank Miller created the template for an ageing, wounded and (read more)


After the Fireworks: 4th July, Higgs Boson, and notions of independence

On July 4, the people of the U.S. marked the passing of another year’s perfunctory, Independence Day festivities.

The date, also, was occasioned by the formal announcement from physicists at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) that, according to the banner headline at CERN’s official website, “Higgs within reach […] Our understanding of the universe is about to change […] [Our] experiments see strong indications for the presence of a new particle, which could be the Higgs boson.” (read more)


Energy drinks/alcohol in casual sex shocker

‘drinking Red Bull/vodka or Jagerbombs doesn’t necessarily lead people to get drunk and become intimate with strangers, but it does increase the odds of doing so’

There are times when the prim, quasi-Victorian language used in scientific press releases seems firmly tongue-in-cheek. Today’s statement from University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) must look like a particularly heaven-sent piece of advertising copy for energy drinks manufacturers (not to mention Jagermeister). (read more)


Invisible in London: Understanding Invisible Art

Anyone living in London will have noticed that in preparation for the Olympic Games, a myriad of shiny new buildings, facades and artworks are materializing all over our City.

This weekend I decided to bypass the luster and ostentation of new sights, and the glister of resurfaced old ones. I took a closer look at the things that have de-materialised, or are simply not there. (Like the Australian team bus that got lost somewhere between Heathrow and the Olympic Park last week, being spotted briefly somewhere around Buckingham Palace). (read more)


SeaFox: The Underwater Drone

Rooftop-mounted misslile emplacements and high-altitude military drones have made UK headlines recently, and with good reason. Suspecting the ever-growing security presence surrounding the Olympic Games to be a foot in the door for a continued policy of surveillance and intimidation that will endure long after the games have finished, Londoners look skywards with a sense of resentment. (read more)


Menomena announce album and tour

Menomena announce album and tour. Barsuk Records is excited to announce that Menomena will release their new album, Moms, on September 18, 2012 in the US and on October 8 in the UK. Now a duo, consisting of Justin Harris and Danny Seim, the result of their endeavours is described, as you would expect, as a more intimate affair than their earlier work with Brent Knopf. (read more)


The Return of the Return of Fu Man Chu

‘Yellow peril gets nearer’ is a newspaper headline I remember from my distant youth. In those politically incorrect days it may have referred to a new strain of Asian Flu or a Chinese incursion into some other country’s sovereign territory, but in my mind it meant that Doctor Fu Manchu was at it again; weaving his arcane villainy through a network of deadly thugs and assassins known as the Si Fan, probably utilising snakes, poisonous insects and death rays created by kidnapped scientists. (read more)