Loitered Lens: Roddy Radiation

‘Roddy Radiation may have played guitar in The Specials, but when you’re watching his band, the Skabilly Rebels, do Specials songs without Terry Hall, it feels more like watching a wedding covers band, albeit a very competent one, than a legend in action. It was enjoyable, but I’d rather save up to see The Specials.’ : Sarah Corbett, Trebuchet Magazine. (read more)


Electrick Children

Serving as first-time for both director/writer Rebecca Thomas and a lead role for Julia Garner (not bad for only her second feature), Electrick Children, while a little predictable, particularly in its conclusion, is a quirky, very watchable little indie. Essentially a coming-of-age road-trip story, it certainly has a great hook: virgin birth by rock ‘n’ roll is going to intrigue most viewers. (read more)


Sarin Smoke: Vent

Recreating the gurgling dry-retches of Dawn French’s back passage during a virulent bout of random-onset dysentery using the medium of guitar feedback may seem a concept album conceit too far for the tastes of the (read more)


Lost Gardens, Lost Pleasures

The new London Pleasure Gardens erected on a wasteland site in Docklands promised much for its ‘Grand’ opening weekend at the end of a rainy June. As it turned out not much was delivered, but at least it was free of charge, or so I thought. (read more)


Hank3: Interview/Live Review

Most bands have enough problems getting out one album at a time. Not so for Hank 3, real name Shelton Hank Williams, also know as Hank Williams the Third, and grandson of the legendary country singer Hank Williams.

Diagnosed with hyperactivity as a child and prevented from recording for some time due to legal wrangles with his former record label, Curb, he says, “It’s been hard for me to sit still”. He released four albums simultaneously in September 2011 – the country/ hellbilly double album Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town, stoner rock Attention Deficit Domination and lastly speed metal blended with the chants of cattle auctioneers, Cattle Callin’ by his 3 Bar Ranch project. (read more)