(Turk) (Must) (Do) (Better) A Critical Review of Wittgenstein’s Dream

Can we safely dismiss Freudian psychoanalysis with the lancet of irony? Or does the attempt fail? Gavin Turk at the Freud Museum ...

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Tick, Tock, The Biological Clock. Torshlusspanik at Vitrine (Charlie Godet Thomas)

Objects which are normally solid seem malleable and aging in Charlie Godet Thomas' current exhibition...

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Painting Childhood, Painting Memory. Malka Nedivi

Unearthing unspoken memories with visual prompts, Malka Nedivi charts a familiar Jewish story in her artworks...

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Collagist by Circumstance (Patrick Bremer)

Patrick Bremer was trained in oils but “ended up doing collage out of circumstance,”...

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Moving glass, Bending Light. Linda Sue Price (Interview)

Experience neon in a new way — not as a sign — rather as fluidly moving glass ...

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Duchamp, Cy Twombly and outrageous family (Chenhung Chen)

If one wants to be an artist it’s because they need to be one. The desire must come from within. It’s not something I believe can be recommended to someone. Chenhung Chen...

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Presenting the Ping Pong Ourobouros of Singapore

The white, pearl-like spheres will become luminescent by night, and the sentences will join up to form lines flowing around the circular shape....

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Arboretum : Royal West of England Academy

Fittingly, many of the paintings also included in this show are left raw and unframed, exposed to the elements – and artistic scrutiny....

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Essence : Lara Woolley/Susan Zeppellini

Figurative ceramics, painting and photography, exploring themes such as magical realism and mysticism through to the macabre and grotesque...

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Justin Adian : Skarstedt London

Strangers, the first U.K exhibition by American artist Justin Adian...

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Simon Heijdens : NOW Gallery

Using cutting-edge technology, Heijdens will animate the gallery space through clever manipulation of sunlight and the prevalent Greenwich Peninsula wind. ...

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Contemporary Sculpture, Zabludowicz Collection

At the Zabludowicz Collection, it is not just our perception of different media that is challenged, but also our relationships to time, scale, colour, form and materials...

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Dale Chihuly : Halcyon Gallery

Going Beyond the Object into Shadows of Pure Colour: Dale Chihuly’s Glass Sculptures at the Halcyon Gallery...

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Kenneth Clark : Looking for Civilisation

Behind the carefully enunciated words, is a man whose whole existence revolves around art, and that each phrase is born of a lifetime’s experience and understanding....

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Hormazd Narielwalla

Hormazd Narielwalla’s work is a celebration of both ancient tailoring techniques, collage and the human form. ...

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Matter and Memory : Alison Jacques Gallery

Unassuming yet powerful provocations to our innate memories of what it is to be a human within the matter of the world...

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Drifting through Frieze

Checking out Dürer, Richard Serra and Richard Silver, Trebuchet's art correspondent finds much to interest her outside of Frieze....

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Generation : GV Art

'Motherhood in a sense is a performance, that the artists too are re-rehearsing'. Trebuchet reports on Generation at London's GV Art gallery....

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