Hanging Offence: Charlotte Jansen [Art]

Trebuchet: What do you dislike most about art? Charlotte Jansen: Pretentiousness....

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The Man With the Neutron Gun

'If you want to pull off this kind of high-wire surrealist polemic, you need to write with confidence and daring. Even if your daily existence off the page is fractured by neurotic behaviour...

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Nico: The End [Reissue]

A tragic end to a tragic life. Carl Batson on the life and career of Nico, in time for the reissue of her album, The End...

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Landing on Earth 2012: The Wapping Project

The post-industrial Boiler Room of the Wapping Project offers the perfect platform for Ruhs’ gigantic installations made of found material like metal, rubber, ceramics and aluminium scrap, all...

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Theatre of the Mind

JULIUS is a multi-screen film, in which Roman Emperor Julius Caesar triggers the protagonists’ obsessions. His world of thoughts is shared with the audience. Reality and dream worlds are presented...

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Sarah Lucas: Ordinary Things

These forms act like vague memories of Lucasʼs former glories.The subject of art history and the idea of art as an object is referenced in them, Lucasʼs stance on the subject seemingly quite glib. ...

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Jellymongers: The Art of Food

With a bit of graft you can get almost anyone's contact detail. Every so often I propose something sensible and they get back to me. The results are some of the best and most interesting work we've...

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Lydia Lunch: The Lexington

Fresh from her performance at the Manchester 'Fat-out' festival, Lydia Lunch relished the part of 'Mistress of Ceremonies', showcasing various friends and new talents that she had cobbled together...

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Matmos: Meltdown 2012

Rather than understanding Matmos as a quirky part of the nineties electronica wave, maybe we should actually be interpreting them as a continuation of a much older tradition of musical comedy, albeit...

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Ian Francis: 10,000 Years from Now

The degraded space shown in Francis' work appears aged, as the layered scenes hang on the canvas, caught in motion, peeling with time and abrasive in action. ...

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Polymath, 14th April 2012, GV Art Gallery, 49 Chiltern Street, Marylebone, London W1U 6LY ....

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What is a Trebuchet?

What is a Trebuchet? Trebuchet is a deadly siege weapon that hurls an object by using a counterweight. ...

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The Other Art Fair

Seduced by art: From art virgin to art collector It sparks off debates, encourages us to take a look at topical issues, delves inside the subconscious, and allows us to have a laugh at the world and...

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Artists: what are we worth?

The economic crisis has meant an economic armageddon for artists. What are we worth? was a panel discussion led by DACS and Artquest that considered how artists can create income in support of their...

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The Paper Doll Militia: Aerial Theatre

No Strings Attached: Nomadic performers bring aerial theatre to new heights. Aerial theatre which blends mystery, childlike wonder, technical mastery and whimsical beauty The Paper Doll Militia work...

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Polly Borland – Smudge

Entering Polly Borland's Smudge exhibition is like entering a nightmarish Studio Ghibli theme park...

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Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. Two

This review is the second chapter in my critical assessment, Part 1 examined Future Map 10, a pretentious and ostentatious shindig overly concerned with prestige. In this second chapter I am...

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Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. One

Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. One...

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Art Music: Remembering Mille Plateaux on the eve of its relaunch

Mille Plateaux, a multifaceted icon of the musical era and now in 2010 it’s coming back. ...

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