Anamorphic Waves

[11.04.19] Ugly Duck works to programme a diverse range of creative projects, exploring fields such as science, activism, information and technology, and social/cultural issues. Anamorphic Waves is an exhibition exploring how digital interfaces and technological (read more)

A picture of distopia

Fortune’s Fools

When questioned by the youth of future generations about how you responded when the earth was burning, will you reply that you went to the mall staring at a glowing electronic box, engaged in cretinous palaver about the private lives of sub-cretinous celebrities? (read more)


Twitter Storms

It’s dangerous, people are not who they seem on the internet. Inside those twitter storms (I’ve had a few) there are usually one or two who hang around for a week or so, its easy to pick up fixations on the net. They can be local, they can hang on for several years, having someone fixated on a fantasy idea of you that you cannot challenge is not fun. (read more)