death metal

Compound The Heaviness – Ingested

Manchester's kings of Slam-infused Death Metal Ingested take a nice little day trip over to Liverpool. Naturally, Trebuchet followed suit....

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The More Uncommon Slurs and Smears of Napalm Death

Outtakes and rarities offer a genetic glimpse into the Napalm Death machine...

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Suitably Complex Brutality: Red Before Black (Cannibal Corpse)

Focus, work ethic, rhythmic dexterity and lots of entrails...

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Will to Power (Arch Enemy)

Will to Power packs a furious punch, but have Arch Enemy released one of the metal Albums of the Year?...

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Death, Thrash, Horror. No Garlic: With Primeval Force (Vampire)

Vampire's second album, With Primeval Force, has all the fangs it needs...

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As the Stages Burn: Arch Enemy Live at Wacken

Arch Enemy nail the always-tricky task of putting a live performance onto wax...

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Let fly the rasping growls and demonic riffery! Sacred/Scared (5Rand)

Italian thrash/groove/melodic death metal four piece 5RAND test the waters for their debut...

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Among the Ruins (Altar of Betelgeuze)

Stoner and Death metal combine (and combine well) on the Altar of Betelgeuze...

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Entombed A.D. and Vovoid at Camden Underworld

Stagediving without nets. Blood and floorslime mingle at the Underworld...

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We just count on four and yell. Nico Elgstrand interview (Entombed A.D.)

Catching up with Entombed A.D.'s Nico Elgstrand for Grieg, Mozart and some yelling....

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Death (and Rebirth) Metal: Enemy of Duality (Rudra)

Avoiding kitsch and staying extreme, Rudra integrate south Asian influences into metal mayhem...

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Mirroring the Zeitgeist with Doom, Death and Gothic Gloom

Convenience death metal, giant wicker cocks. If politics has gone weird, why shouldn't music? Review of Gatecreeper and Abysmal Grief albums...

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Blackened Death, Beaten Skins: Akercocke at Manchester Academy

Untramelled aggression, windmill headbanging, expensive drinks. A Sunday night with Akercocke...

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Sleep Not Before the Winter’s Gate (Insomnium)

Epic and ambitious melodic death metal from Finland's Insomnium...

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Live at Wacken 2015, 26 Years, Louder Than Hell

Stiff necks and bleeding ears at a small village in Schleswig-Holstein. ...

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Technical Brutality for (nearly) a Gravenous Hour (Katalepsy)

Blasting their way to the top of the Death Metal scene, Russia's Katalepsy release album number two. Review...

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Nordic Death By Triple Guitar (In Mourning)

Swedish triple-guitar death metal troupe In Mourning get melodic on Afterglow....

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Tightly controlled musical chaos: Retrogore (Aborted)

Aborted prove that the sicker the theme, the more intense the impact...

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April Metal (Grimner, Miasmal, The Wolves of Avalon)

The nightmare of history menaces the month's metal releases...

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Stoner Riffing from Sunrise to Sundown (Spiritual Beggars)

Hammond organ, heavy riffs and stoner haze - Sunrise to Sundown is what death metallers do to relax...

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Dark, Relentless Glory: Monthly Metal Medley

In the midst of death... Heavy Metal, that most persistent and insidious weed, offers up new releases from Witchcraft, Ghost Witch, Gomorrah and Conan. We review....

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Pounding the Damnation Hammer (At The Gates)

Interview with Martin Larsson: guitarist with Legendary Gothenburg Death Metal band At The Gates. ...

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Pre Election Metal Meanderings [Arcturus] [Skyforger] [Plage]

What more could you want from a black metal album? Arson? Murder? Goat-shagging???...

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Death Metal is a Serious Business [Dawn of Azazel]

The relentless hammering and visceral roars will keep their core audience happy – but it leaves you wondering what they'd come up with if they let go of their single-minded obsession with brutality...

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