Emma Sywyj: China [Photography]

Emma Sywyj
Emma Sywyj

‘When I was in China for the second time it was still all so wonderfully overwhelming. I think I was very aware of Orientalism. In fact a lot of the contemporary art I saw out there was about this particular subject/problem. But my understanding of the location changed every other day really, I think China is a very special place and had it’s own way of revealing it’s self to me. That was the joy of getting the imagery back, you think you have control over your work but nature does find a way sometimes.’ – Emma Sywyj, interviewed in Trebuchet Magazine.

Sywyj’s China series is as colourful and eclectic as one would expect of the location, but dispenses with the more obvious depictions of new-urban environments, ancient aesthetics and displaced populations. Instead, she finds an intriguing balance between them all in an affectionate portrait of modern China:

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Barbershop, China
Barber’s roll, China
Chicken Feet, China
Painting, China
Temple of Heaven, China
Bedside Table, China
Traveler, China
Red Window, China
Man Laying, China
Man Painting, China
Courtyard, China
Star & Bucket, China
Street at Night, China
Sunset, China

More at http://www.emma-sywyj.com/

About Emma Sywyj 6 Articles
Emma is an artist and photographer. For nearly ten years she have been making art and taking photographs and is currently represented by the A.Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland.

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