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Belong – Common Era

Uncommon pleasures… The shoegaze revival that many thought could never happen is still in the process of snowballing as it rolls onward through yet another decade. From ambient meanderings to...

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Wagon Christ – Toomorrow

Toomorrow is Luke Vibert’s first outing as Wagon Christ since Sorry I Make You Lush in 2004 and if you needed a masterclass in sample transmutation, this is it. From the intro onward Toomorrow...

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Attack of the Stereotypes

Attack of the Stereotypes In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street, And on the dark, dark street there was a dark, dark building And in the dark, dark building were… BRIGHT JAPANESE...

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Mono/Poly – Manifestations

The slow and sexy presets of Mono/Poly 's Manifestations represent smart funk at its unique best....

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AXXONN – Let’s Get It Straight

Break me off some! AXXONN releases the happiest electro-doom record ever. Resplendently retrorama, Let’s Get It Straight mounts cathedral sized melodies with the light touch of heavy industry....

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Chromagain – Any Colour We Liked

Electronic and experimental dark disco from Italian rogues, but do they still have what it takes? Oh synth, synth, synth! How I love thee. Let me count the ways… except I had trouble counting...

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Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful XXVII and Gyunel Rustamova in Cork Street galleries, Dry the River and Clare Maguire at The Social. 14th December One small step for artists but a giant leap for free arts...

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Fen – Epoch

(Code666 Feb2011) Shouted whispers across a hunter’s field. Epoch is the intense third release for this English quartet that owes as much to Alan Moore as it does to King Crimson. This is a...

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For Sale: Future Trophy Wife

Parents to clamp down on the sexy child market. The UK Government is setting up a governing body to assess and prevent over-sexualisation of children in marketing, advertising and product sales....

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Neurosis – KOKO, London, UK

In December 2010 I witnessed rock and roll’s nadir, the point where you look upon a crowd of stupid fucks and wish that each and every one of them would fucking die....

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Pan American – For Waiting, For Chasing

Pan American is no stranger to the art of soundscapes...

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Gabby Young and Other Animals – The Tabernacle, Notting Hill

“We’re all in this together”, World Connection records. 20th November 2010. I first encountered Gabby Young and Other Animals at Glastonbury 2010, one of those wandering encounters...

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Pam Glew: Circus

Red Bull Studios, London Bridge 26/11/10 – 02/12/10 The second major exhibition by popular emerging artist Pam Glew has all the trappings of punk nostalgia, mixed up with celebrity noir. Portraits...

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Benoit Pioulard – Lasted

The shimmering delight of Lasted by Seattle émigré Benoit Pioulard AKA Thomas Meluch is a massively inspired vehicle of brilliance. A gushing Trebuchet review. ...

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Scientists Get Closer to Invisibility Cloak

Scientists have come a 'huge step' closer to developing a material that bends light around an object, a property that aims to make things invisible....

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Television the Drag on the Nation

Television has struggled enormously to cope with the technological paradigm shift of the internet...

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iDose Therefore I Am

Panic in the Bytes of Digital Music: Featuring Cyber-mums fed moral panic by sensationalist media in An Old Scare Gets a Brave New Update. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Your child is...

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Standing Our Ground: Land reclamation in Bevere, Venezuela.

In the Bevere community, located outside Tucani, Venezuela the push for agricultural reform and ‘endogenous development’ is the government’s reported attempt to reduce the poverty and...

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Zidane: A Strange Form Of Love

Zidane and Camus unlikely bedfellows a discussion of the film and it's implications...

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Stop The War: Or What?

The War on Terror is unquestionably the dominant security discourse of our times. It has reshaped our worldwide strategic perspective, reoriented our approach to policing and airport security, and...

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999 Emergency

999 Emergency...

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Obama : After the Future, All is Change

Obama is preaching 'change' but how does that work as a broad concept let alone an election promise? ...

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