DJ Stingray: Psyops for Dummies EP

‘The Sadist’ is edgy from the outset and a great scene-setter. Constantly intensifying cold textures coil around an atmospheric voice sample, discreetly hinting at various dark scenarios. As it progresses it subtly creates a growing and unresolved sense of controlled panic and hysteria that’s never fully released. (read more)


Oscar Mulero: Black Propaganda

With Britain in the grip of near-compulsory enthusiasm for a militarised circus of corruption on an epic scale, there can hardly be a better time to be listening to an album entitled Black Propaganda.

As a reminder of a less-regulated and more optimistic time it’s a suitable conclusion to an industrially-influenced and thought-provoking techno set. (read more)

No Picture

Groof: Reality Fails

'In the best tradition of Spanish minimal techno', Codex Europa reviews Roberto Gemelin's techno project Groof. Groof is veteran Spanish producer Roberto Gemelín a.k.a. Robert Calvin. From the tasteful dystopian chic of the mushroom cloud-featuring (read more)


Orbital: Wonky

'boredom, indifference, embarrassment and even disgust', Codex Europa reviews Orbital's Wonky In August 1993 I saw Orbital give a memorable show in a tent at the Deptford Free Festival. This was a year or two (read more)