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Trebuchet Podcast 15 – Art and Ecology

Live discussion on Aubrey Williams, Sound composition by Foster Neville, and an article on Cristina Iglesias

Trebuchet Podcast 15

A discussion on the Painter Aubrey Williams, recorded Tuesday, 18th July, 2023 at the October Gallery, London, with  Dr Giulia Smith – Art Historian and Research Fellow at Ruskin School of Art Oxford, who is an authority on Aubrey Williams, and the conservation practitioner, Dr John Fanshawe, who is Senior Strategy Adviser at BirdLife International, and leads an arts, science and conservation programme for the Cambridge Conservation Initiative.The discussion was quite lively and touched on a variety of ecological, colonial, and artistic topics.

October Gallery Artworks: https://octobergallery.co.uk/artists/williams 

A previously unreleased 2023 musical piece by poet/musician Foster Neville called ‘Don’t Tell the Night’

Foster Neville Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fosterneville

A reading of Louis Cartagena’s article on installation artist Chrstina Iglesias titled ‘The Present is an Imagined future’ Published in Trebuchet Issue 14: Ecology.

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Trebuchet Podcast 15
Trebuchet Podcast 15

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