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Terence Fixmer : Bells [EP]

After over a decade of production, Terrence Fixmer’s back catalogue is extensive and his production style well-defined.

A picture of terence fixmer, bells

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]A[/dropcap]fter over a decade of production, Terence Fixmer‘s back catalogue is extensive and his production style well-defined.

Beginning with incendiary and aggressive EBM textures, in the last few years he has moved to a more minimal and futuristic techno sound, although still with flashes of the old spirit and an ability to subtly shift his style.A picture of terence fixmer, bells

‘Bells’ starts out as a typically moody Fixmer track based on moody, bleepy sequences and cold drones. This is a fine track that fades away at 3.15 into a sinister interlude before the main bell sequence creeps in. Layers of filtered tones then wash in and take the track in a totally different direction before being re-joined by more familiar ‘Fixmerisms’. The new textures introduced in the second half are a real surprise and work very well.

‘In Chains’ starts out with a very harsh and coldly prowling sequence in strong contrast to the more spacey aesthetics of ‘Bells’. Filtered handclaps emerge from the mix, cut through by sharp percussive details. It’s a slow but powerful track with a definite edge that could get a hard techno set off to a strong start. It would be good to hear Fixmer develop more tracks in this style.

In totally and jarringly different vein we are left with ‘Subspace Two’, which returns to the sunnier aesthetic of some of his earlier Electric Deluxe work. It’s well produced and pleasant, but seems out of place alongside its much darker predecessors and a slightly anti-climactic conclusion following two very strong tracks.
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