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Trebuchet Art Print: Chantal Meza

Exclusive art print by artist Chantal Meza

Chantal Meza, Encounter, 2017 www

Chantal Meza is an abstract painter living and working in the United Kingdom. Chantal Meza’s work has featured in Exhibitions, Auctions, Interventions, Biennale & Donations in prominent Museums and Galleries in Mexico, Paraguay and the United Kingdom. Her work is held in private and public collections.

She has delivered International Lectures & Seminars at reputable Universities and been commissioned publicly and privately. Her artwork features in many prominent international outlets as well as on book covers, digital and print magazines.

Her current projects include the State of Disappearance art book to be published in 2023.

As part of the Trebuchet Print series Meza has signed and numbered prints of her 2017 work Encounter included with each new subscription.

Chantal Meza Website

Encounter (2017)

Chantal Meza, Encounter, 2017 www
Chantal Meza, Encounter, 2017

“I have blended two different techniques in this piece, which traverse the beginning and the middle part of my life. Those two stages in my working processes are evident to me in this painting. I brought the explosion of the shapes and colours, which I subsequently polished, making them subtle and lightweight to create an embracing feeling.

Chantal discusses Encounter (2017)

There are colours in this piece I normally don’t use because they make me feel tranquil, but when I use them, it means there is a moment of calmness in my life. I bring those shapes to insinuate an expansion. But that tranquillity is not a ‘static tranquillity’, it is a ‘walking tranquillity’; like a feather being moved by the wind. This piece is about being open to the ‘Encounter’ of those moments in life where you are open to receive and open to give more of yourself to the world.’

A signed and numbered print of Chantal Meza’s ‘Encounter’ is included with every new Trebuchet subscription.


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