Sacrilege! Profanity! Err, Isn’t That the Point of Black Metal? Myrkur

Myrkur proves, by dint of sheer talent, that magnificent Black Metal can be made by those there lady women people....

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Enter the Arena (Warbeast)

Entering the arena is easy, but it takes killer death moves to get out alive. Can Warbeast provide?...

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Waiting on the Sun (Jule Vera)

While Jule Vera wait for summer, the listener waits for an original hook....

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(Other People’s) Hooks in the Millions (Olsson)

Destined to be discarded, Olsson pushes the right buttons with Millions. Just not hard enough....

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As the Stages Burn: Arch Enemy Live at Wacken

Arch Enemy nail the always-tricky task of putting a live performance onto wax...

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Lost in the Ghost Light (Tim Bowness)

A grand statement about a grand era; Tim Bowness revisits rock's most ambitious escapades...

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The End of Electricity (Domkraft)

Simultaneously doomy and a little dotty, Domkraft freshen the formula with The End of Electricity...

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Clever, Inventive, Versatile… and Dull: Vozrozhdeniye (Arkona)

Accomplished and precise, Arkona's rework of Vozrozhdeniye nevertheless fails to ignite...

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Records from the Road. BeLive (Rebecca Downes)

No filler. Rebecca Downes only has a couple of albums, but this live set sounds like a Greatest Hits...

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Into The Lesser-Charted Waters of Jazz/Prog/Ambient: Duski

Prog rock, jazz and ambient sounscapes in an impressive debut album...

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Curious Oxymoronic Aggression: Be Nothing (Boston Manor)

Weighty, progressive pop punk rock metal from Blackpool's Boston Manor...

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Freak Show Candy Floss (Voodoo Vegas)

Voodoo Vegas serve up hard-hitting no-frills rock, killer riffs and shredding solos. ...

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Becoming Aware (Paradigm Shift)

With forward-looking approach to progressive rock, Paradigm Shift avoid the cliches. Review...

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Pop Punk’s Trademark Simplicity and Energy (Handguns, Disenchanted)

Is Handguns' album Disenchanted generic? Pretty much, but it is what it is....

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Grandiose Autumn Rock Roundup (Bauda, Caligula’s Horse, Vanden Plas)

With releases from Bauda, Caligula's Horse and Vanden Plas, October sees a plethora of progressive rock records....

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Crank Thy Humbuckers – Ratatat Release Magnifique

Mahoosive dynamics, the customary duelling guitar chops, and surf drums pulling everything together. Air guitar and dancefloor screwface, in one handy pack. Cribbens!...

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Albums of 2012: Steven Turk’s Choice

an indie rock record of tremendous quality where the singles are difficult to differentiate from the other tracks comprising this compelling slice of modern tribal psychedelic pop...

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Albums of the Year: Tim Hall’s Choices

In many previous years any one of these might have been a strong candidate for my album of the year....

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The Beginning of the End (of year lists)

Trebuchet spurns faffed-about aggregated statistics and seasonally-adjusted ratings systems. Between now and 2013 we'll offer some of our writers' unsullied recollections of albums, events,...

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