Grieving for Greed Pt.2

‘Cell phones and bottled water were proffered to strangers. As night fell, candles flickered in public squares; there was the sound of sobbing and impromptu singing. The scene seemed like a cross between the London Blitz and Woodstock. One was fully alive in the realm of death.’ Phil Rockstroh’s politics piece reflects on the lessons learned from 9/11 (read more)


Welfare Greed

A Danish researcher has compared two of the most different welfare systems in the western world. Despite the differences, the research shows surprising similarities in the way in which people in the USA and Denmark perceive the deservingness of welfare recipients. (read more)


The Economy of Violence

The fact that Hollywood often releases certain types of movies ‘en glut’ has led to conspiracy theories that it is manipulated by our old friend ‘dark forces’, but the truth is that this hermetic industry has always had a copycat nature. It’s just that things have sped up in tinseltown. Scripts are pirated so swiftly now that if there is one Snow White movie on the way there will soon be another hot on its heels. (read more)


London: The Modern Babylon [Film]

Temple’s film is aimed at middle-aged armchair warriors, like himself, and clumsily manipulates the moving image to reinforce left wing stereotypes. Churchill was BAD. Thatcher was BAD. Ken Livingstone (the most self serving politician of his generation) was GOOD. The crippling strikes of the seventies were NOT created by greedy Trade Unions or arrogant Labour Ministers. (read more)


Angry and Distracted Pt2

There exists one requisite trait needed to face evil: The knowledge of one’s own capacity for embodying the trait. Inseparable, treachery and redemption arrive together. The human heart, capable of both cruelty and kindness, provides the arena where one’s better nature might gain the upper hand against one’s destructive inclinations. (read more)

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Angry, and Distracted. Pt1

Unless communal space can be reclaimed and our innate humanity re-established, to paraphrase Kafka: There is infinite hope but not for us.
Exploitative social arrangements, throughout history, carry this circumstance in common: A citizenry too beaten down, harried, and/or prideful to recognize they have been swindled by a corrupt elite. (read more)



After what I experienced at Bloc I have to admit that I and thousands of others were completely taken in by the promise of a professionally-run event in an innovative new venue with an incredible line-up. The scale of the event did seem too good to be true and it turned out to be just that. (read more)


Twitter Storms

It’s dangerous, people are not who they seem on the internet. Inside those twitter storms (I’ve had a few) there are usually one or two who hang around for a week or so, its easy to pick up fixations on the net. They can be local, they can hang on for several years, having someone fixated on a fantasy idea of you that you cannot challenge is not fun. (read more)

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Hubbardites vs Crowleyites pt 2

Jack and Ron moved into territory well beyond any official OTO rituals documented at that time. Elementals were invoked then banished, Aethyrs were called, complicated texts were recited from memory, there were windstorms, knocking sounds in the night, ritual masturbations and towards the end a buzzing, metallic voice crying out ‘‘let me go free’’.
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Zebra Katz unveils video for ‘Ima Read’

The song depends upon a shock impact that was spent twenty-odd years ago with The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, the video has less visual impact than Spoek Mathambo’s ‘She’s Lost Control’ (which was obviously an ‘inspiration’), and the riddim track  underlays the stultifying boredom of the vocal sounds like the floor sweepings of an evening spent smoking superskunk with SnoopDoggLion and Diplo’s personal hairdressers.

IMA READ will be released on 16th September and features remixes from Tricky, Azaelia Banks, Gangsta Boo, Mao, Ira G, Cauzeone, Moroka, I Am A Camera , Ripley, Bais Haus, Nikko and Norrit. (read more)


In the Land of Never Was

In the Land of Never Was: The Last, Desperate Hours of Climate Chaos Deniers‪ and Capitalist Rah-Rahs‬ Often, the world… forever unfolding, recombining, morphing, dying and transforming… changes before the mind can grasp the implications (read more)