DELS: Black Salad [EP]

The ‘puttin’ a bitch on the corner from the time I wuz fourteen, chill wit’ my niggas, emceed my way up from the gutters’ narrative that still, incomprehensibly, provides mid-west cornfed WASPs with their vicarious ghetto jollies is mercifully absent. DELS returns with his Black Salad EP (read more)


Zebra Katz unveils video for ‘Ima Read’

The song depends upon a shock impact that was spent twenty-odd years ago with The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, the video has less visual impact than Spoek Mathambo’s ‘She’s Lost Control’ (which was obviously an ‘inspiration’), and the riddim track  underlays the stultifying boredom of the vocal sounds like the floor sweepings of an evening spent smoking superskunk with SnoopDoggLion and Diplo’s personal hairdressers.

IMA READ will be released on 16th September and features remixes from Tricky, Azaelia Banks, Gangsta Boo, Mao, Ira G, Cauzeone, Moroka, I Am A Camera , Ripley, Bais Haus, Nikko and Norrit. (read more)


Yppah: 81

An attempt to recreate or capture the melodic theme to his own childhood, Yppah (Joe Corrales Jr) named this album 81 to reflect the year of his birth. Childhood musical influences usually tend toward the (read more)


Bang On!: [Sic]

And, like many gobby kids with a sharp wit and an audience, he gets carried away at times. ‘Picking fatties with big racks/ to lick their piss flaps/ like Johnny Vegas in drag’ flies past, sexist and puerile, but with enough humour to prompt rolled eyes and a sense of complicity. You laugh, as the truism goes, and you’re implicated. (read more)


Dels – Gob

Fear, righteous anger, too much booze and a boldly-drawn emotional vision, this debut from Dels wraps the disorientation of over-intelligent urban British youth into forty minutes of poetic and musical innovation. This may not be (read more)