The Heather Findlay Band: Songs from the Old Kitchen

It’s a very different sound from their dynamic electric live shows, but great as Heather Findlay can be in full rock mode, the acoustic sound is a very good match for the natural warmth of her voice. One striking thing is the way this album reveals the consistency of her songwriting. Once the material is creatively reinterpreted by the same band, you can no longer see the join between the songs written for Mostly Autumn and her subsequent solo work. (read more)

Cambridge Folks Festival 2012

Cambridge Folk Festival 2012

As I helped what could only be someone’s Gran onto a chair so she could get a better view and was hugged by a crazed hippy forcing me to eat some one of her love heart sweets, I could only think that this was one of the most uplifting moments I had experienced and that I was already looking forward to CFF 2013. (read more)


Wanda Jackson: Interview

Would the Queen of Rockabilly be able to satisfy expectations or would it be a case of your granny’s sister grabbing the microphone at your cousin’s wedding after one too many glasses of fizz?

When I asked her which style she would choose if she had to make a choice, her response was, “Probably rockabilly. It’s what I’m most known for. Although I probably had better chart success with my country music. Rockabilly is something that my fans want to hear and what I enjoy singing best.” (read more)


Hank3: Interview/Live Review

Most bands have enough problems getting out one album at a time. Not so for Hank 3, real name Shelton Hank Williams, also know as Hank Williams the Third, and grandson of the legendary country singer Hank Williams.

Diagnosed with hyperactivity as a child and prevented from recording for some time due to legal wrangles with his former record label, Curb, he says, “It’s been hard for me to sit still”. He released four albums simultaneously in September 2011 – the country/ hellbilly double album Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town, stoner rock Attention Deficit Domination and lastly speed metal blended with the chants of cattle auctioneers, Cattle Callin’ by his 3 Bar Ranch project. (read more)


Hannah Cohen: Child Bride

Hannah Cohen’s debut album Child Bride seems a fitting April/May release for those of us that are struggling through transition of the awkward weather and mishaps of general life, but should you dedicate 33 minutes to listen to this significant debut? (read more)