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CONCEPTION: An exhibition to create dialogue and duplicity

Two artists, two cultures, two cities, two media. In this two-part exhibition spanning London and Belfast, the vibrant, acid coloured figurative canvases of Darren MacPherson are hung alongside...

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City Lights Concert Series: Chips, Blossom and Hopscotch

City Lights Concert Series: Chips, Blossom and Hopscotch. News work by challenging the edge of music. …  Cathy Lane – Tweed Cathy Lane – Hidden Lives Viv Corringham –...

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Remote Flying Spycams make Sci-Fi a Reality

Flying robot cameras, once the preserve of sci-fi, enter final development stages. A recent viral YouTube video showed formation-flying quadrocopters with anti-collision technology and...

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Lee Gascoyne and John Ledger exhibition at Heartbeat Gallery

Lee Gascoyne, John Ledger 18 April — 10 May 2012. Much underrated and under appreciated artists Lee Gascoyne and John Ledger have been brought to together by the heartbeat gallery. Not to be...

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Elfin Saddle: Devastates

I love it when music fascinates me. It's a rare, almost extinct occurrence nowadays, having had my ears sanded down and numbed by years of exposure to the ever-expanding, if not broadening,...

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Polymath, 14th April 2012, GV Art Gallery, 49 Chiltern Street, Marylebone, London W1U 6LY ....

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Emma Sywyj, Photographer: Interview

Photographer Emma Sywyj has a wry approach to her craft. Sean Keenan interviews Emma Sywyj about her photography and travelling in the UK. ...

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Tate Modern: Yayoi Kusama

A review of Yayoi Kusama 2011 Tate show by UK artist Nicola Anthony...

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Ernesto Neto: Spaces of Transformation, Edges of the World

Ernesto Neto is a quirky and charismatic artist who has fascinated me with his tactile, porous artworks for years. His talk for ‘Topology at Tate Modern’ began with a lyrical wordplay on...

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Yayoi Kusama: An Explosion of Stickers

Installation views of The obliteration room 2011 as part of ‘ Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever’, Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art, 2011 ...

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Metahub – Nuit Blanche, Amiens 2011

Digital Arts: Flash in the pan, light at the end of the tunnel or oncoming train wreck.  Amiens, France 15th October  This year saw a conjunction between digital artists in the UK and...

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Ideageneration present album art by Storm Thorgerson

Far from being a dead art, the album cover as a statement has developed and adapted to its newest, most challenging form – the tiny square on the display of an iPod. In spaces so small, only...

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Creative Journey: How to Curate Abroad

Creative Journey: How to Curate Abroad...

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Gunfire in the studio: Shooting film, photons & 12-bores

I’m often asked, ‘What are the best bits about being an artist?’ A glance in the mirror after my day in the studio typically reveals a tired face peering out from beneath a...

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Sonar 2011: Triumph of the Hype.

It's a sad if not tragic irony that a“Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art” should (also) be the site of mass cultural and social regression, but the longer you spend at...

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Flower fluffers: Hampton Court Flower Show

Tumescent Blossoms and Dripping Petals. Photographer Rob Mann discovers the seedy side of the Hampton Court Flower Show. I am thoroughly enjoying Hampton Court Flower show, from gratuitous marketing...

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Latitude Festival – Update! New Acts and Events

the welcoming daisy-adorned gates will open for the 6th edition of the magical and fantastical Latitude Festival....

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Austerlitz – Austerlitz

How soon is too soon. Parisian indie rockers Austerlitz go for bronze. Austerlitz have rushed to release a record that with a couple of months worth of emphatic development would have been...

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Trappings, Friezes and Being Female.

Kleio Gizeli, Lisa Holden, Martha Parsey, Carol Robertson, Susan Gunn, Rana Begum. Crossroads, Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill, March 2011 – June 2011. UK Female Artists...

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Attack of the Stereotypes

Attack of the Stereotypes In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street, And on the dark, dark street there was a dark, dark building And in the dark, dark building were… BRIGHT JAPANESE...

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Trick of the Eye, Trap for the Body

A review of the exhibition Elusive and the instillation Floor Zero at Camberwell College of Art. It is often difficult to attend art shows associated with centres of learning without a sense of...

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Forget the Art World in the Oubliette Art House

Art house squatters the Oubliette transform a Soho ex-nightclub into an emporium of delights. The Oubliette is a curious initiative. When I first encountered it two years ago it was in an old embassy...

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Tim Hecker – Rave Death, 1972

Deeply entranced, I imagine the black and white noise which is resonating around the room as scattered photographs. These sepia toned images are of nothing and everything, of people I know and those...

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