Author: Meltem Yumulgan

Meltem is a London-based ‘wanderer above the mist’, whose biggest passion - a flame that never burns out - is Rock ’n’ Roll. She contributes to the magical (for some!) world of Rock ’n’ Roll by being a rock singer, a rock musician, and a rock songwriter. She has worked with great rock musicians from all over Europe. Her history as a rock musician consists of multiple rock covers, originals (rock), rock tribute bands and professional recording sessions. Where she dwelleth rock resides.

Owning The Black Sabbath Legacy

500 words on Black Sabbath - is there anything left to say? - Trebuchet's Lester Bangs Tribute - Meltem...

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Operation: Mindcrime (Live Review)

To Queensrÿche without Geoff Tate or to Geoff Tate without Queensrÿche? Operation: Mindframe celebrate 30 years of their namesake album....

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Don’t Get Old, Get ‘Spiritual’! Mr Big [Live]

You're never too old to kick out those jams. Mr Big lay into Shepherds Bush Empire...

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Sebastian Bach : O2 Islington [Live]

If the music was polished, it was in the between-songs repartee where Bach won the crowd over....

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Tesla : O2 Academy, Islington

No glitter, no razzle-dazzle, but a rapport that oozes sincerity and solid music to follow up. Tesla, Live at the O2, Islington. ...

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Sebastian Bach : Give ‘Em Hell

Compared to previous Sebastian Bach albums, there is an increase in vocal harmonies, and some of the effects used give a sense of an alternative or electronic sound at times....

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Gotthard : Bang!

It's tip-of-the-brain stuff, trying to list all the possible classic Hard Rock references for these songs, yet they stay on the right side of pastiche....

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Def Leppard Interview (Part 2)

I think a lot of that was down to “Mutt” Lange. He worked us so hard on those records to make it sound special. He didn’t want us to sound like a run of the mill rock band. ...

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Def Leppard : Interview

There are so many artists, bands and so many different ways of getting them. It’s taken the special out of it. There’s too much out there. ...

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I think it sounds a bit commercial but that wasn’t done on purpose (Phil Collen)

'In Def Leppard, I’m a guitar player and here I’m a singer. I’m playing a completely different instrument.' Phil Collen of Man Raze (and Def Leppard) explains his most recent project....

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Resistanbul: Turkish Protests

Turkish people do not call these events 'protests'; they call the whole set of events ‘direnis’ which means ‘resistance’ in Turkish....

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Helloween : HMV Forum

Hi-jinks and Helloween metal energy = Win....

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Helloween; Straight Out of Hell

Helloween break an extended silence with the release of Straight Out Of Hell. New album due on January 18th...

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Doro Pesch: Interview

I have never been degraded or considered the second sex as a woman. I was always supported and respected because I had the chance to work with the best people. And good people, they know better!'...

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The Mercy House: Interview

The genre obsessions have to stop, I guess something is going right when everyone becomes the great ‘opinionizer’, but I think that’s what can be exciting about music, take something out of the...

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Rival Sons: Jay Buchanan Interview

Trebuchet interviews Rival Sons' Jay Buchanan discussing music life and the million of chances in between....

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Furyon: Interview

Furyon singer/frontman Matt Mitchell explains all to Trebuchet interview Meltem. ...

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Interview: Ian Jones (KARNATAKA)

It is very common to hear people moaning about clichés, especially when it comes to our ‘soul feeder’ music. Even Rock music, which once was a controversial movement against the...

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