In Defence of Music

I am here in defence of music. Of music music—not social music sites, not music apps, not the ability to stream, or the ability to store songs in the cloud. I am here to extol the delicious, indescribable good that music can be to our ears, our psyches, our souls. (read more)

gi joe centipede

Left-Overs Kill

Consuming putrid food can be lethal as it allows bacterial pathogens to enter the digestive system. To detect signs of decay and thus allowing us and other animals to avoid such food poisoning is one of the main tasks of the sense of smell. (read more)



The trick of getting a lift is not in persuading someone to stop. It is in being at exactly the right place at the right time such that the person who would give you a lift and is heading your way just happens to be passing. Being in the right place at the right time. The Taoist rule of thumb. (read more)


Albums of the Year: Editor’s Picks

If Lana Del Rey, Flying Lotus or Grimes aren’t on any Trebuchet lists this year, it’s certainly not because we haven’t heard them (indeed, how could we miss them?). And we’re not coming over all supercilious to imply we’ve got better taste than the mainstream. But there have been better albums this year (read more)


Of Grief and Hope

Climate chaos. Dying oceans. The degradation of U.S. corporate/militarist empire and the concomitant collapse of the global, neoliberal order. Our child will be born into a world where there will be a paradigm shift — or there will come mass tragedy. (read more)