The Zolas: Ancient Mars

Piano/organ builds, picked guitar melodies, crunching riffs, and a lyrical approach that constructs vivid narratives using thematic language. It’s funny, and fun, as well as being an almost perfect example of an album that’s ‘a grower’. (read more)


Gary Numan UK Tour Dates

These concerts will feature brand new songs from the forthcoming ‘SPLINTER’ album (due in 2013), plus new versions of tracks from 2011’s ‘DEAD SON RISING’ album, which are currently being worked on by the likes of Alec Empire, The Duke Spirit, Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) and Gazelle Twin. (read more)


Into the Appalachians [Tour Diary]

‘A single lane road etched through this land that’s not the north, or south, that’s forgotten by the east but far from the west. If you pointed a rifle at the vast nothing that encompasses the bottom of the mid-Atlantic, we would be the pinhole in the crosshairs.’ Tour Diary, Silent Old Mountains (read more)


Ben Caplan [Live]

Ben Caplan would help me get over these prejudices, or at least not think about them too much. Partly because he has a beard you could catch a badger in, but most importantly, because he’s amazing. (read more)