Blowtorching Peaches Creating Chaos: Heather Phillipson

A review of Heather Phillipson’ ecologically themed installation at Tate Britain ...

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Ed Atkins: “A Weird Faking of Imminence”

British artist Ed Atkins on turning a telephone conversation with his mum into a video artwork for the New Museum ...

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Alberta Whittle: “I Felt the World Unravelling”

Turner prize-winning artist Alberta Whittle on her latest film and treating her audience with generosity...

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Art for Life’s Sake: A Retrospective of Pioneering Feminist Artist Hannah Wilke

The Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St Louis presents nearly 120 of the American artist's works, spanning three decades...

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Take Me To Your Dealer and Save: Who is 241247?

An interview with 241247 / Dario Vigorito about using his creative process for chaos and meaning. ...

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We Will Not Be Lovers – Hennessey

Dark Electro-pop with a epic vocal turn. In 2020 it appears electroclash has been given a shot in the arm. Hennessey - We Will Not Be Lovers. Video Exclusive....

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Video/Art: The First Fifty Years

Barbara London, the curator who founded MoMA's video programme, recounts the artists and events that defined video art over the last 50 years. ...

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In a Cage by Zonal [Video]

Intense and heavy Zonal release a industrial riff on the Smashing Pumpkins - 'In a cage' on Relapse Video...

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Chapters by Penguin Cafe Orchestra [Video]

The captivating new single-shot video for ‘Chapter’ was filmed in New York on The Roosevelt Island Tramway at Queensboro Bridge. ...

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Time and Space in video art and installation: James Alec Hardy

Space, construction, dying technologies and the rich rituals at the end of all things - James Alec Hardy...

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Video Exclusive – Drool

With pronounced Pixies overtones Fun by Drool (Trebuchet video exclusive) is a bit of dark pop that marches on it's lock step groove. Simple, sleazy, and catchy verses leading into a neo-grunge...

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Bloomberg New Contemporaries

When the idea is to introduce new voices in contemporary art, it helps not to have the judging panel overshadow the artists...

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Something Nasty Trickles Down: Benedict Drew (Whitechapel Gallery)

Exploring exactly what is falling from above in the trickle-down economy...

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The Movements of the Idiot: Are We All Ironic Now? (Part Two)

Handling irony is like handling plutonium: you must be careful that the radiation doesn’t kill you, or at least rob you of the ability to make meanings and give force to ideas...

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The Movements of the Idiot: Are We All Ironic Now?

Self-knowing idiocy. We either join in or shut up....

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Hello Operator: Stephanie (Video Premiere)

Video exclusive of Hello Operator's new single 'Stephanie'...

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Cedric de Smedt : New Work on Video

‘I’m evolving into a very dark and bitter universe, where emptiness is almost oppressive and where time seems to have stopped'...

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Nicole Atkins Live in Ladbroke Grove

A live video and interview of Nicole Atkins performing Red Ropes and It's Only chemistry. 2014 ...

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Sun Explodes Release Video for Seven Three one

The Sun Explodes are a heavy rock/metal band from Carlisle, UK and have just released their first single from upcoming second album "We Build Mountains" to an overwhelmingly positive response! The...

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Ocean life at Extreme Depths

James Cameron's DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition uncovers biodiversity ranging from gigantic amoebas and crustaceans to swimming sea cucumbers at extreme depths. ...

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Tomahawk! Patton and Co release new Video: Stone Letter

Tomahawk's video for "Stone Letter" the first single from their forthcoming album Oddfellows, is here! ...

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