A Year of Georg Baselitz Exhibitions

The work and career of German artist Georg Baselitz will be celebrated through a series of solo exhibitions in New York, Venice and Paris...

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Evanescent Imagery: Precarity and persistence in Gerhard Richter’s paintings

Paint, or a rudimentary version of it, was landed upon tens of thousands of years ago as a basic tool for mark-making. What else is there for Gerhard Richter to say?...

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Faces Built Up and Cast Down by Christian Hiadzi

An interview with the painter Christian Hiadzi about what he finds in human faces. ...

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LOVE, ART, LOSS: The Wives of Stanley Spencer

Show seeks to shed light on the effect Spencer’s two wives had on his artistic practice while also examining the love triangle that existed between them....

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Conveying Connection

Charlie schaffer: The Emotion of Experience. Interview with BP Portrait Award 2019 Winner...

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Technical Innovation

Carl-Martin Sandvold: The big reveal. BP Award Nominee speaks to Trebuchet...

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No Heroic Male Master

Roxana Halls: The Figure Strikes Back...

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Van Gogh, Messiah & Madman Debunked

Reflecting on the expressionism of Van Gough and thinking about what it offers to the contemporary painter Natalie Andrews takes a critical view of the mad-messiah stereotype and reminds us whats...

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Damien Meade, Duality, Beginnings & Endings

Damien Meade is an Irish born painter working in oils, he uses unfinished clay sculptures to give his work a sense of being dynamically in process....

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