Red Square, Moscow - but is McMafia a realistic depiction of Russian organised crime?

McMafia: The Reality

The BBC’s McMafia is an international thriller with Russian organised crime at its heart and London as its hub. But how realistic is the portrayal of Russian-managed drug and human trafficking rings all run from offices in the City? (read more)


Britain is Booming?

A real world recession for the majority is applauded as a recovery, when all that is recovered are the profits for transnational corporations, and incomes of high earners, most of whom pay little or no contributions back into the collective pot of the UK. (read more)


A Case For Culture

The arts can engage everyone. Most of all, surely, we want those who may not otherwise be able to join in, to find the world of art available and open to them – whether for simple enjoyment or for its life changing capacities. (read more)