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iBrawl: Foxconn Workers Lash Out

Foxconn Technologies, famous already for the iPod suicides and the restaurant riots, splashes back across the headlines with a 2000-worker brawl at it's Taiyuan plant...

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Gut Feeling. Surgeons Leave 4000 Objects Inside Patients

The swab, which was boring its way into the rectum, was clearly visible on a CT scan. Removal of the swab resolved her symptoms. Well, here's a word for you: 'gossypium'. And it refers to the...

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Fathers who sleep closer to children have lower testosterone levels

Surely this is a good thing. Fathers who sleep closer to children have lower testosterone levels Closer sleeping proximity between fathers and children is associated with a greater decrease in the...

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LEDs winning Energy Race.

Today's light-emitting diode light bulbs have a slight environmental edge over compact fluorescent lamps. And that gap is expected to grow significantly as technology and manufacturing methods...

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Extra Terrestrial Life, on Earth?

Results from an expedition to far eastern Russia that set out to find the origin of naturally occurring quasicrystals have provided convincing evidence that they arrived on Earth from outer space....

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Playmates: How playfulness attracts partners

playfulness may serve an evolutionary role in human mating preferences by signaling positive qualities to potential long-term mates. Just as birds display bright plumage or coloration, men may...

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Hangover? Might Be Better Than You Think

Alcoholic drinks aren't generally put into the category of health food, but in some cases they might be just the cure for nasty parasites. That's according to a study published online on February 16...

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George Mitchell Commits $25 Million to Giant Magellan Telescope

George P. Mitchell, founder of Mitchell Energy & Development Corp. and The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, has committed an unprecedented $25-million gift to the Giant Magellan Telescope...

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