Trebuchet Podcast 2 – Getting Ahead in Art Curation

A podcast for the adventurous creative...

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Modern Patronage

The inside edge of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation ...

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Why Being an Artist is not a Job

Working away in the studio is play with consequences not a job, thank goodness!...

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Bread Houses, Dreaming Horses: Urs Fischer

Haunting or playful? Urs Fischer's unique sculpture proves you can have both...

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Art in Adversity: Magdalena Abakanowicz Remembered

Looking back on the life and career of Polish sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz...

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Visceral Fluidity; Cool, Cool Water (Samantha French)

Painting the quiet tranquility of water and nature...

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Peeled & Raw in Los Angeles (Dani Dodge)

The clash of global ideologies and armed response infiltrate the sanctity of the domestic living room in Dani Dodge's Peeled & Raw...

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Of the flesh and its many variations (Oliver Jones)

Photorealistic works underscoring the impact that today’s ceaseless stream of beauty-obsessed media can impart...

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Artists: what are we worth?

The economic crisis has meant an economic armageddon for artists. What are we worth? was a panel discussion led by DACS and Artquest that considered how artists can create income in support of their...

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