Author: NAP and Nico

NAP & Nico. is a writer, a painter, a poet, a illustrator and writer of a disabled squirrels children’s storybook . An academic yet to set the world on fire, but who is holding a Zippo beneath the Zepplin carrying modern society's scene that will wonder why they hadn’t heard of NAP & Nico before.

Cult, It’s Joan Pope

Joan Pope uses her body to promote her religion and calls it art, you decide....

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Great Quails’ Eggs, But a Bitter Taste in the Mouth: The Pips

Metropolitan and erudite in other ways, why do great venues insist on pastiche music?...

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Waiting on the Sun (Jule Vera)

While Jule Vera wait for summer, the listener waits for an original hook....

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Broken Beats, Split Personalities: Stranger (Joanne Pollock)

Frosty and frantic - there are two sides to the iceberg that is Joanne Pollock's debut...

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Have Cape, Will Strut. To the Rescue Rooms! (Shura)

Poise and professionalism even when the room's half-empty - the true measure of a star. Shura rocks Nottingham regardless....

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Rave Nostalgia in it’s Entire Spectrum (Colorhythm)

A nostalgic net cast wide to capture the beats, breaks and bombs of the rave era....

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Nordic Techno goes IKEA. Laiva T#16

A moment of head-down eyes-closed dancefloor reverie is captured perfectly....

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Bass, Beats, Bumps and Bees. (Peru Boom)

Bass, bleeps, beats and bumps from Peru's underground dance scene. What's that doing here, and can it revive a flagging bee found comotose in the reviewer's garden? Peru Boom 2015...

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IntO the mOOn : Passing Clouds [Live]

A self-possessed alternative gypsy rock band whose lyrics resound with those who want to say something but don’t quite know how to say it....

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Odesza : In Return

Is that too much to ask of an album? That it alter a mood and inject a missing confidence?...

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Busdriver : Perfect Hair

We are understandably fazed when approached by new aspects of music genres that are pushing the dimensions of their own genre to another space and alien neighbourhood. The fazing affect of finding a...

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Evy Jane : Closer [EP]

Evy Jane are the cake that must be eaten, but with the crème placed in one of those naughty places that only a tongue can remove. ...

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The Eye of Time : Acoustic

The album Acoustic places you in a paused sense of feeling, a disruptive and causal sense that yesteryear and future are being played out....

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Lorn : Debris [EP]

The Debris EP is of the grind and grimey sort, very uncomplex and less pepped up than most. A crushing defeat to the ears....

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Ex-Friendly : ‘Journey Man’

A style that reverbs and trip-hops deep house to a more obscure level...

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Tricky, Maxinquaye: Live – Manchester

“I drink ‘til I’m drunk”. Maybe we all have something in common. Warrington, I missed my stop. Luckily I met a nice pair of ladies in Lizzy and Jenni (note. A soft Scottish...

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Edward Burra: Nottingham Lakeside

In some respects a English version of Georg Grosz, Edward Burra's art is more personal, less political. And very sexy. Burra, a master of colour and the human form, places one in a...

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Maya Jane Coles: DJ Kicks

Whoop! Funky vibes all round are coming through my Grados. Sixteen years into its long reign as Mixmag's 'most important DJ-mix series ever', DJ Kicks continues to do what it has always...

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Rashid Rana: NAE at Hyson Green

Rashid Rana’s: Everything Is Happening At Once ...

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Evy Jane: Sayso and Ohso (+Remixes)

I know the sexualisation of R&B has been overdone to a point where it has become sexually gratifying, big arses and jiggly tits sitting and dancing on Hummers, where the amount of fuel one can...

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