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Loitered Lens: Presence Autochtone 2017

Scenes from stage and Street at Montreal's Presence Autochtone festival...

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Rocking the World: Présence Autochtone 2017 (Part Two)

Celebrating the deep rumble of First Nation culture in Montreal...

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What Does Dignity Taste Of? Présence Autochtone 2017

As cultural expressions, food sit proudly alongside painting at Presence Autochtone...

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Loitered Lens: Présence Autochtone 2016

Visuals from Canada's festival of First Nation culture...

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Appropriate Culture (Présence Autochtone 2016)

Cultural appropriation, contemporary Canucks, positive vibes. Montreal celebrates the First Nation...

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Loitered Lens : Presence Autochtone

The festival takes over La Place des Festivals, in the heart of Montreal's entertainment district, with a huge suspended teepee as the centrepiece....

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Presence Autochtone : Finding and Founding First Nation Culture in Montreal

This year, Présence Autochtone (Montreal First Peoples Festival) celebrated its 25th anniversary of bringing the culture of the aboriginal people of Canada and the rest of the Americas, through...

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A more melodic variation on the metal theme [Karnivool]

Metal is mostly preaching to the converted, but the congregation at London's Roundhouse was definitely devout and ecstatic....

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Cafe OTO Call/Response invocations [Zun Zun Egui]

Add some Mauritian sunshine with Zun Zun Egui's unique blend of roots, jazz and shoegaze...

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Denying the standard of musicianship (Neal Morse)

Neal Morse Band at Islington Assembly Hall, March 7...

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Blues, English folk, Americana & a dash of Rock’n’Roll. [Josh Flowers]

osh Flowers & The Wild are one of those bands that manage to cross genres to create an unmistakable sound of their own. A blend of blues, English folk, Americana and more than a dash of rock...

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‘Scott Walker: 30 Century’ Director Stephen Kijak talks Backstreet Boys

'Let's make a film about something that at one point in your life you actively disliked, and try to find a way in'...

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Bl=ndfolds, The Waiting Room [Live]

Bl=ndfolds' music is quite far removed from both VVV and The Valves, in that it is a darker, scuzzier electronica with growling vocals from singer Paraic....

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London Drum Show

Spread over two floors, the London Drum Show was a mixture of commerce, education and performance. ...

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Assassinated Beauty : Proud Camden

The exhibition is a retrospective of photos of Manic Street Preachers taken from Cummins' first NME shoot with the band in 1992...

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Ja Ja Ja Nordic Music Club : The Lexington

Ja Ja Ja Nordic Music Club at The Lexington in London, was set up to both promote the area's musical talent, and dispel any preconceptions....

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Loitered Lens : Lux Lisbon

Photos of Lux Lisbon live in concert...

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Loitered Lens : The Vaselines

Kurt Cobain called The Vaselines' Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee his favourite songwriters....

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Neil Cowley Trio at the Barbican

The music is melodic and yet pays homage to the piano's percussive roots....

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Loitered Lens : White Hills

Solid, driving rhythms were the bedrock for Dave W's soaring guitar that definitely puts the rock into psychedelic rock....

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Loitered Lens : Dead Kennedys

The fathers of American punk showed the kids at Koko (and their parents) that there is still plenty to be angry about....

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Présence Autochtone: Montreal First Peoples Festival

Présence Autochtone, Montreal First Peoples Festival, celebrates the cultural heritage of the Americas' aboriginal nations through film, music, dance and other visual arts....

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Loitered Lens : St. Agnes

St. Agnes. Their percussive brand of psychedelia tastes of mescaline and tequila sunrise....

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Loitered Lens : Gold Lake

Photos of Gold Lake at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen...

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Loitered Lens : Twin Atlantic

Photos of Twin Atlantic live at the Hospital Club, 8th July 2014...

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