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lux lisbon by Chris Patmore

Most contemporary music seems to fall into easily definable categories, although those categories are becoming more expansive and hybridised.

Sometimes you get music that defies labelling and is just great songwriting: good melodies with lyrics that range from profound and poetic to political protest. It could possibly be called pop music, in the same way Crowded House is pop music.

Lux Lisbon fit into that bracket, although their music is anything but generic, and is decidedly British. Proteges of Tom Robinson (along with the equally talented Orlando Seale and the Swell), Lux Lisbon don’t do a lot of gigging, but when they do it’s a treat not to be missed, as a full house at The Lexington will testify. They are doing another London show in Hoxton at the end of January.

Check them on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/luxlisbon), or visit their website www.luxlisbon.com for a free download of their EP.

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Words and photos by Chris Patmore.

Lux Lisbon



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