Beware of Mr Baker

SEE Ginger whipping up an afro storm with Fela Ransom Kuti in Lagos. SEE highlights from both of Cream’s memorable Albert Hall performances. SEE Ginger, stoned out of his mind, falling off his drums on a live German TV show. (read more)


Headphone Def Culture

The tobacco industry was, for many years, adept at concealing the health dangers of smoking. There may well be detailed research on the long term effects of self-determined, persistent, decibel abuse, but I am not aware of anyone making a fuss about it. (read more)


Mad Sin: 25 Years ‘Still Mad’

Personally I’d rather see them live or listen to Burn and Rise, but this is an ideal Halloween present for any hardcore fan with a Mad Sin patch sewn onto their sleeveless denim jacket. And it’s a darn sight better than The Meteors’ new album. (read more)


Grieving for Greed Pt.2

‘Cell phones and bottled water were proffered to strangers. As night fell, candles flickered in public squares; there was the sound of sobbing and impromptu singing. The scene seemed like a cross between the London Blitz and Woodstock. One was fully alive in the realm of death.’ Phil Rockstroh’s politics piece reflects on the lessons learned from 9/11 (read more)