Panic Room: On Business

‘exceedingly long songs, with largely instrumental content, too many time signatures, a subject matter focusing on the obscure and the middle-earth, and far too many widdly neo-classical solos. We don’t do any of that, and we don’t wear capes.’ Panic Room, on prog (read more)


Panic Room: On Songwriting

wansea’s Panic Room are one of British rock’s best-kept secrets. Over the past few years they’ve built up a loyal following and gathered significant critical acclaim, including lead singer Anne-Marie Helder being voted Female Vocalist (read more)

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Panic Room: Skin

Over the past four years, Welsh rock band Panic Room have established a strong reputation both on record and as a live band. Their dynamic mix of rock, pop, metal, folk and jazz manages to (read more)


Panic Room: Live Review

Panic Room have come a long way since their first live appearances back in 2008. The band  emerged from the ashes of the first incarnation of celtic proggers Karnataka, with that band's backing singer Anne-Marie (read more)


Cambridge Rock Festival 2012

You could criticise the festival bill for relying on unashamed nostalgia acts as headliners, and especially for the way more forward-looking acts like Maschine, Winter in Eden, Kyrbgrinder or Panic Room were either low down the bill or placed on the second stage. But on the other hand, you could equally well argue that it’s a case of the festival knowing its audience, and the once-big names from the 70s draw in the crowds who are then exposed to the newer acts that have something to say. (read more)