Triple Threat: Charlotte Branson [Interview]

In conversation with pop's brave new hope for hopeful, brave pop...

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Show Me Your Leprechaun, Mr Reductionist

We know the gods by the living agency of their songs and their unique psychical signatures....

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Going Down the Soul Mine?

The Soul Mine returns to Hanway Social for a late night of soul, funk and 60s sharp cuts...

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Loitered Lens: The Laura Holland Band

Photos from a pace-changing big band at the Cambridge Rock Festival 2016...

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Loitered Lens: Cambridge Folk Festival 2016

Colours and curios from the UK's premier folk event - Cambridge Folk Festival, photos....

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Shark Cars and Metal Guitars (Interview)

Steve 'Snips' Parsons interviews Chris Spedding...

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Vomit, Velour and Quizzical Quips at Islington Assembly Hall (Barry Adamson)

Fresh from collaborations with luminaries as bright as Nick Cave and David Lynch, Barry Adamson blends the genres onstage in Islington. Review...

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Loitered Lens: Elle Exxe

Soul sensation - Elle Exxe - Portland Square 2016 Photos ...

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Fun Lovin’ Criminals Reissue Come Find Yourself (and Tour)

Fun Lovin' Criminals reissue their breakthrough classic album and take it on tour...

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Searching for Soul in the ‘Ditch of Shore. (Her at the Old Blue Last)

Technically, Her at the Old Blue Last are great, but does the arm shaking, fist pumping angst and emotion seem feigned?...

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Vintage Trouble European Tour

Vintage Trouble are pleased to announce a full European headline tour through November and December 2015...

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Sex, fireflies and audiotape: ‘Anima’ purrs (Francesca Belmonte)

The moon is apparently moving away from us by four centimetres every year, Francesca Belmonte may just have thrown a lasso and dragged it back towards us a fraction...

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Nicole Atkins Live in Ladbroke Grove

A live video and interview of Nicole Atkins performing Red Ropes and It's Only chemistry. 2014 ...

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Hearts Aren’t for Drowning (Nicole Atkins)

My old label had some suggestions that I sing like Alanis Morisette! I said, 'F*ck that!' ...

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Nicole Atkins : Slow Phaser

an album of vignettes that, while emotional, exhibits a diversity beyond the singer's own and thereby transcends the pitfalls of contemporary pop...

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Kelis : Food

An album that keeps its powder dry, thrills and teases, and on vocal performances such as 'Biscuits n' Gravy', enthrals. Kelis, Food. Review...

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Loitered Lens: Big Boy Bloater

Tight grooves, infectious melodies and the unique voice of Big Boy Bloater...

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The Presence, Savage Nomads, Jon Byrne [Free]

The Presence, about whom Trebuchet has been whispering for some months now, launch themselves on London’s discerning publique....

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Little Jimmy Scott

One of Cleveland’s oldest musical sons, still pleasing audiences in his eighties is the incredibly gifted Little Jimmy Scott. ...

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Loitered Lens: Mala Rodriguez

Mala Rodriguez brings some Latin smoulder to the Village Underground....

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Mono/Poly European Tour 2013

London is treated to a rare UK performance by Psych-Soul visionary Mono/Poly 2013...

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Loitered Lens: Andreya Triana

Photos of Andreya Triana supporting Macy Gray at KOKO, December 2012...

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Chris Isaak: Hammersmith Apollo

Deliver us from surly musicians in jeans and baseball boots. Let us be blinded by mirrored suits and touched inappropriately by covers of seemingly untouchable songs. Chris Isaak Live...

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Mono/Poly – Manifestations

The slow and sexy presets of Mono/Poly 's Manifestations represent smart funk at its unique best....

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