The Hat Man and The Korg

Saturday night music at the Lansdowne pub in Lewes, church of the unchurched, and my (low) expectations are scattered to the four winds by the performance of Robert Lashmar AKA Rhythmic/AKA The Hat Man. (read more)


Free Download: Nils Frahm

Falling out of a bunkbed and smashing up a digit would be inconvenient for anyone. For a pianist though, it’s disaster. Nevertheless, if Django Reindhardt could manage to relearn to play guitar after burning a hand, Frahm could also adapt. Putting together a series of works for piano over the last year, initially given the working title ‘Music for nine fingers’, the pieces are now entitled Screws, a reference to the steel links that now hold Frahm’s thumb together. (read more)


Redrails [Album]

Challenging, Redrails most certainly is. Rewarding, in equal measure. Intriguing, and destined to be the source of many hours spent, headphones on, grasping to find the mental setting in which it all suddenly becomes plausible, lucid, and just a touch less alien. Seek it out. (read more)


Green Man [Festival]

What with hugging around the Green Man and reading people’s wishes on little mailing labels around the tree, this has been a pleasant valley, bucolic, neo-druidic experience. Thoughts of love, to be good at everything, and most strikingly, to progress as humanity, Green Man is bigger than the sum of its parts. (read more)


Declan Sinnott: I Love the Noise it Makes

Adult Acoustic. A domain legendarily populated by the troubled, drunk, sex mad, violent and jail-prone stereotypes that rarely trouble the charts, but in Declan Sinnott they might be given a scare.
As a sideman of the legendary Irish singer Christy Moore, Sinnott has shown himself over the years to be a fantastic medium of music and superlative arranger.
(read more)


Feed the Rhino: Hevy Fest

In an age where (a little sadly) aesthetics are as important to the hardcore scene as musical ability, Feed The Rhino cover all of the bases – as one hipster said to another, “we’ve gotta catch Feed The Rhino, man, his beard is reem”. I guess frontman Lee Tobin does rock a quality beard, but thankfully FTR’s musical ability seems to be the draw for most of the crowd as they pour into the tent ready for the latest crushing set from the 5-piece. (read more)


Anklepants (Reechard Farché)

Anklepants is the electronic barrel organ of your Freudian nightmares . The nightmares where you are being psychoanalyzed by a traveling salesman with a penis for a face. It’s a silly stuff that exists on the disturbed fringes of something ‘artistic’ but saves itself by being fun and accessible. (read more)


Swans: The Seer

The Seer may well be a grower and may accumulate more power with time, but I find it striking that after listening to it the Swans songs I hear in my head are mostly those from much earlier. Time will tell if this changes… although whether I or others are going to invest sufficient time to fully absorb this sprawling, unfinished work remains to be seen. (read more)


HEVY Festival

When your guitar feedback section is so long that your guitarist has time to have a crafty check of his iPhone, maybe it’s time to just get on with the song already.

HEVY Festival is HUGE. This review is fittingly GARGANTUAN. (read more)


The Social Club: Mini Interview

We choose to play happier stuff! You have to hold back your money shot and focus on strong songwriting. At first listen the songs sound simple but they’re much deeper than that – Lew (vocals/guitar) is a great songwriter. He knows just where to put a hook and where to hold back. (read more)


30 shades of WOMAD

Despite the ‘small is beautiful’ ethical basis of the festival where buying a branded plastic bottle contributes to a distant solution, offering an option to feel good without getting personally involved, few artists challenge the audience to stop bullshitting themselves and confront the issues that comfort zones have concreted over. (read more)