A picture of Mesmer

Modern Day Mesmerism

Many people are familiar with ‘Hypnotism’ in it’s various forms such as Stage Hypnosis and Hypno-therapies, and its modern hyper-packaged cousin ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’. ‘N.L.P’ has become a household name, having been popularised by the (read more)


King Mob: Interview

Side effects of the full King Mob experience may include: drowsiness, delirium, radio poisoning, severe hair growth, waxy pallor, vitriol spray, flushing, unexpected time manipulation and space breath. (read more)


The Mercy House: Interview

The genre obsessions have to stop, I guess something is going right when everyone becomes the great ‘opinionizer’, but I think that’s what can be exciting about music, take something out of the box and try it contextually in what you do, rock music has become a bit inbred and new formulas spice things up. (read more)


Viza: Interview

So do they think that music can change the world? Chris told me, “I think it could. I think it allows people, it gives people an outlet. It gives people I guess the right to think freely or express themselves more freely in different ways. They can explore themselves and use different styles and sounds and I think it’s a part of what we try to do as well, just kind of bringing different cultures. (read more)


The Social Club: Mini Interview

We choose to play happier stuff! You have to hold back your money shot and focus on strong songwriting. At first listen the songs sound simple but they’re much deeper than that – Lew (vocals/guitar) is a great songwriter. He knows just where to put a hook and where to hold back. (read more)


Wanda Jackson: Interview

Would the Queen of Rockabilly be able to satisfy expectations or would it be a case of your granny’s sister grabbing the microphone at your cousin’s wedding after one too many glasses of fizz?

When I asked her which style she would choose if she had to make a choice, her response was, “Probably rockabilly. It’s what I’m most known for. Although I probably had better chart success with my country music. Rockabilly is something that my fans want to hear and what I enjoy singing best.” (read more)


Hank3: Interview/Live Review

Most bands have enough problems getting out one album at a time. Not so for Hank 3, real name Shelton Hank Williams, also know as Hank Williams the Third, and grandson of the legendary country singer Hank Williams.

Diagnosed with hyperactivity as a child and prevented from recording for some time due to legal wrangles with his former record label, Curb, he says, “It’s been hard for me to sit still”. He released four albums simultaneously in September 2011 – the country/ hellbilly double album Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town, stoner rock Attention Deficit Domination and lastly speed metal blended with the chants of cattle auctioneers, Cattle Callin’ by his 3 Bar Ranch project. (read more)