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Astral Projection and Ableton: Mono/Poly Interview

Paramatma is about the supersoul.., I got it from a Vedic scripture and it talks (about) having the omnipresent god-spirit inside of you, that it’s (Paramatma) the observer and you’re the doer. -...

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Viewing Violence: The Beginning of David Otokpa

David Otokpa is not yet a name known to many outside the London graduate photography scene. However, with his vivid Fight Club series he has already won over a number of high profile advocates and...

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Miss Led – Street Style Perfection

Illustration with a street edge, Miss Led's art has moved to galleries, brands have taken note, the rise and rise of graf influenced art continues.  Miss Led is a UK based artist with a keen...

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Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. Two

This review is the second chapter in my critical assessment, Part 1 examined Future Map 10, a pretentious and ostentatious shindig overly concerned with prestige. In this second chapter I am...

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Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. One

Prodigy vs Mutiny: Art’s Promising Future? Pt. One...

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Henry Rollins: Student Protests Are Great

Henry Rollins talks to Trebuchet about politics and protest ...

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The World and Work of Marcel Theroux

Marcel Theroux’s family includes such literary luminaries as father Paul (American novelist and travel writer) and brother Louis (award-winner television journalist). Not to be outdone, he is...

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All or Nothing: Interview with Matthew Devereux

Matthew Devereux and Trebuchet’s Kailas Elmer caught up in conversation to discuss his hypertextual novel on risk, structure, relationships, war...

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