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Hanging Offence : Karin Janssen Project Space

There is sometimes a tendency to overwrite, overanalyse, overcomplicate and over-theorize art. This might be an English thing, I’m not sure about that. Hanging Offence : Karin Janssen Project Space...

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Hanging Offence : Galleries Goldstein

I think it's very hard to be controversial any more, it's just become irrelevant and usually any one trying to do this with their work is doing it to get noticed, which usually, in my opinion, makes...

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Hanging Offence : Fishbar

Hard to say why I did, but I ended up in London and discovered art as a new language to talk about everything I was discovering. It was scary and exciting and still is....

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Hanging Offence: GV Art

'I am often attracted to art that is so challenging it feels as though it has hit me in the gut leaving me speechless and tangled in thoughts'...

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Meg Cranston & John Baldessari [Interview]

'Instead of Catholicism or religion, now we are programmed by the corporations' . Artists Meg Cranston and John Baldessari talk to Trebuchet's own artist in residence - Nicola Anthony...

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Hanging Offence : James Hyman Gallery

Controversy assumes that what artists are producing really matters. Otherwise, all it is is marketing or publicity....

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Hanging Offence : Lahd Gallery

I got involved with the art world in the beginning just so that I could give the women artists from the Gulf, who were under-represented at the time, a chance to show their works and to have a bigger...

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Hanging Offence: Arts Canteen

Arts Canteen is a new UK-based arts venture that explores intercultural artistic relationships between the Middle East and the UK. Trebuchet meets Kelvin De Veth, curator and link-maker....

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Hanging Offence: Degree Art

Certain elements of the Art World feel the need to exclude others by making them feel unworthy of enjoying it. Great art will never require smoke and mirrors to achieve its deserved attention....

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Hanging Offence: Debut Contemporary

Opportunities are immense, they are global and with a little bit more planning and strategizing, a bit more knowledge, information and know-how when it comes down to how to navigate the art system,...

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Hanging Offence: Breese Little

We work on the premise that the gallery should always operate with increasing momentum, growing in step with the careers and aims of the artists we work with...

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Hanging Offence: TJ Boulting Gallery

Controversial ideas are often the more important and interesting ones. But no, controversy is a byproduct, not the end point. ...

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Hanging Offence: Little Black Gallery

'The UK is far behind the USA and France in the photography market and needs to catch up.' ...

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Hanging Offence: Wapping Project Bankside

It is not an annex of The Wapping Project, it is a separate entity informed by all of the wild things I have done over the years at The Wapping Project....

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Hanging Offence: Heartbeat Gallery

A successful and well-established commercial space that is known for it’s unpretentious, welcoming environment that evokes familiarity within visitors and erases any notions of elitism commonly...

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Hanging Offence: Transition Gallery

'We are always looking for new ideas and artists to show. There is no point in us doing what the big galleries do'. Transition Gallery's Cathy Lomax talks to Trebuchet ...

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Hanging Offence: Charlotte Jansen [Art]

Trebuchet: What do you dislike most about art? Charlotte Jansen: Pretentiousness....

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