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Liu Xiaodong at Lisson Gallery

There is a modesty and complexity in the self-aware theatricality of his approach that eschews any defined categories or cultural heritage...

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In Defence of Art

They would then stalk, with a suitably knowing sneer creasing their upper lips, around the space and direct small troops of eager attendants to move paintings a little to the left or a little to the...

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Miranda Donovan : Walls

Miranda Donovan is more than a standard graffiti artist - she constructs the walls upon which she paints. Her third exhibition at Lazarides opens in March...

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Mariko Mori : Royal Academy

What would happen if I sat in the same gallery space at the Royal Academy, gazing and pondering this work for a whole hour? Here’s how it went:...

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Freya Pocklington : Wolves Find Dogs Delicious

These were stories that would have been told if the Brothers Grimm had been two daschunds...

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Martha Parsey: If 6 was 9

Parsey 's palette still has strongly sepia tonality and again dials into the mythic feminine figure, however there is a technical development in these works that we haven't seen before....

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Shoot! Existential Photography

An exhibition tracing the history of a fascinating fairground sideshow that sprung up following World War 1: the photographic shooting gallery. ...

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Sarah Lucas: Ordinary Things

These forms act like vague memories of Lucasʼs former glories.The subject of art history and the idea of art as an object is referenced in them, Lucasʼs stance on the subject seemingly quite glib. ...

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